Trivia Friday: 25 Best MLB Players Of All Time

With The Last Dance documentary on ESPN has rekindled the debate as to who the best player in NBA history is – Michael Jordan or LeBron James. On the baseball side of the equation, that seems to be a much more complicated question.

There are many ways to measure who is the best player of all-time with WAR being one of them. Can you name the top 25 players in Major League history in WAR? Good luck!

Cy Young Barry Bonds Babe Ruth Willie Mays Walter Johnson Ty Cobb Hank Aaron Roger Clemens Tris Speaker Honus Wagner Stan Musial Rogers Hornsby Eddie Collins Ted Williams Alex Rodriguez Kid Nichols Pete Alexander Lou Gehrig Rickey Henderson Mel Ott Mickey Mantle Nap Lajoie Mike Schmidt Tom Seaver Greg Maddux

2 Replies to “Trivia Friday: 25 Best MLB Players Of All Time”

  1. BILL MORGAN says:

    WAR? Oooo…what is it good for? Absolutley nuthin’!

    Where is my Jimmy Foxx?

    Bert Blylenen (287 wins 250 losses ERA 3.31 60 shutouts) has a better career WAR than the great Eddie Plank (326 wins 194 losses ERA 2.35 69 shutouts)

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Double X was 40th all-time.

      Blyleven was a better pitcher than Plank.

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