Mets Screwed Over By Subway Series

The National League East is supposed to be a tight race all season long. So far, it is proving itself out to be that way with the Phillies tied for first place with the Braves. The Mets are only just 4.5 games behind both teams (four in the loss column).

Because of the Subway Series, the Mets get four games against the Yankees – two at Yankee Stadium and two at Citi Field. That’s four games the Mets have against a Yankees team with a 40-24 record. With that record, the Mets get four games against the team who has the fifth best record in baseball. If the Yankees were in the National League, they would have the second best record.

That’s before the Yankees get players like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton prior to the next series which takes place at Citi Field next month.

The Braves split series is against the Blue Jays (23-42). The Phillies don’t have a split series. Rather, they just have two road games against the Red Sox (34-33). Now, some years we will see the Blue Jays as being great, and other years, like this year, they are bad. That makes a matchup with them all the better.

With respect to the Yankees, even when they’re rebuilding, they’re good. That’s four good games that’s on the Mets schedule that is not definitively on the schedule of another National League East rival. That means every year the Mets get four difficult games in place of somewhat randomly generated games which typically is not as strong as the games the Mets need to face.

Overall, the Mets are getting screwed here, and it is all in the name of some gimmick, albeit a still popular gimmick in New York which generates sell outs and increased ratings.

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  1. David Klein says:

    Game two thoughts nice job by the Mets jumping all over Paxton and the soft underbelly of the Yankee bullpen With Alonso having a great at bat and getting the big blow(on a pitch up in the zone no less), and then the Mets laid of some pitches their second time through especially the curve down in the zone and got some timely hits. Pete went a few weeks drawing very few walks and swinging at junk the last week he has three homers and five walks.

    Vargas was okay his first two innings but looked like he could be knocked out of the game in the third, but he got out of the inning with the lead. I thought Davis’ two run homer was huge after the Yankees cut the lead in half to make it 8-3. Vargas wobbled a little in the 4th but settled down took a couple miles off his changeup and had a very strong last few innings, so kudos to him.

    Familia looked pretty solid for the third straight outing as he threw his four seamer more lately and he threw it a lot more in Oakland so if this is the start of the turnaround for the turnaround for him that pitch may be s key to that.

    Lugo was just untouchable like his last outing as his fastball was a good as it’s ever been.

    The defense was better than it was in game on(how can it not be?), with Hech making a couple real good plays and Rosario making a good play too.

    All in all, always a pleasure to pound the Yanks if only they could have swept it would have been a perfect day. McNeil had another big series as his barrel control continues to amaze. Gotta get on a roll on the road where the Mets have been hideous to make hay this year.

  2. What About A Movie says:

    Saw the best catch I saw this year…. Jay Bruce….
    Check out the tape!!!
    Maybe Atlanta out bid the Mets?
    Personally for two years at $12 per — the guy the Yankees signed off Colorado is a real gem!

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