Conforto Having Historically Great Mets Season

When a debate emerges over who is the best everyday player the Mets have ever produced, the debate usually centers around Darryl Strawberry and David Wright.  While Strawberry certainly could do things Wright could never do on the field, Wright has mostly settled the debate that he has been the better player owning close to all of the Mets offensive records.

With the way Michael Conforto is playing this season, he is on the way towards inserting himself into this argument.

In this his age 24 season, Conforto is hitting .294/.408/.581 with 17 doubles, a triple, 19 homers, and 52 RBI.  In terms of advanced stats, Conforto has a 156 OPS+, 157 wRC+, and a 3.0 WAR.  If Conforto continues on the pace he is currently on, he is going to finish the season hitting 31 doubles, one triple, and 35 homers.  If Conforto does accomplish these feats, and there’s no signs of him slowing down, he is going to be the youngest Mets player to ever hit 30 home runs in a season.  He is also currently having one of, if not the best age 24 season in Mets history.

In 1986, Strawberry hit .259/.358/.507 with 27 doubles, five triples, 27 homers, and 93 RBI.  He had a 139 OPS+, 139 wRC+, and a 4.0 WAR.

In 2007, Wright hit . 325/.416/.546 wtih 42 doubles, one triple, 30 homers, and 107 RBI.  He had a 142 OPS+, 151 wRC+, and a 7.1 WAR.

Again when it comes to Mets homegrown stars, Strawberry and Wright are the gold standard.  They didn’t disappoint in their age 24 seasons where both were widely considered to be in the beginnings of what should have been Hall of Fame careers.  The fact that Conforto is not only in this conversation, but quite possibly having a better season than them is incredible.

With this being the two year anniversary of Conforto’s first game with the Mets, we need to talk more about what a truly great player he is becoming.  Instead of focusing on how he struggled with a wrist injury last year, we should be focusing on how he dealt with significant adversity last year, and he has become one of the best players in baseball.

There has been a lot to go wrong in 2017, but the best thing that has happened was Conforto becoming the player we all thought he could be.  What’s even better is Conforto may just be scratching the surface on what appears to be true Hall of Fame talent.  Like with Strawberry and Wright, only time will tell with him.

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