Amazon Video Is Better Than DVD or Blu Ray

Now that my son is getting older, he has become more and more interested in watching movies and different shows than just watching some clips of shows here and there.  While used to get away with watching what was available on the PBS Kids, Disney, Nick Jr, etc apps, my son has developed more definitive interests in not just certain characters, but also certain episodes or movies.

That becomes an issue when a episodes is taken off of the app, or your so sees something on TV that never makes its way onto the app in the first place.

When I was a child that usually meant my parents would have to go to the video store (remember those?), or they would have to breakdown and go to the store and buy the movie.  At different points in my youth, I remember having G.I. Joe, Gumby, He-Man, and Transformers VHS tapes.  My brother and I would watch them over and over and over again.  Harking back to that time, I actually thought of purchasing some videos to have for my son.

Because everyone first checks there for stuff nowadays, I first went to Amazon to look for the videos.  During my search, I began to notice many of the videos I was looking for were available for rent or purchase as a digital download.  At a minimum, I was intrigued.

One thing I noticed early on is renting the videos made little to no sense.  Let’s take Finding Dory as an example.  Right now to rent this movie, it will cost $5.99.  For only $14.00 more, you can buy the video.  In essence, the cost of buying the video is three rentals.  If you have a child, you realize that if your child likes the movie, you are renting it three times or more.  More importantly, if your child does like the video and you now have to purchase it, the cost is going to be $25.98 to you instead of the $19.99.  If you know your child well, and I assume that you do, you will know what your child likes.  If that is the case, just buy the video.

Now, the reason why buying the video for $19.99 is superior to purchasing the Blu Ray for the same price or the DVD for $2 less for a few reasons. First, with the download, you don’t have a Blu Ray/DVD that can be lost and damaged.  Second, with the digital download, you can access the movie anywhere you want.

My family has a Roku stick which is transportable.  I can use that Roku stick to watch Finding Dory in my house, my son’s grandparent’s houses, or really anywhere we go that has an internet connection and a television.  There are also apps for your phone or tablet that will permit you to watch the video no matter where you go.  And with that, you will always have the movie with you so long as you can get an internet connection.

Another advantage with Amazon is the daily specials they have.  For example, I was able to purchase The Peanuts Movie for $4.99 when now it costs $14.99 (assuming you don’t have Prime or HBO).  I was also able to get Finding Dory for $9.99.  Fact is, there are always specials like this.  You just have to keep your eyes out for them.  Of course, with the Roku, you can create a “Watch List” which will alert you to the price changes.

Overall, if you are looking to get a video for your child, it is better to get it on Amazon Video and watch it on a mobile device or a Roku.  If you are giving it to your child for Christmas, just give them a coloring book or something and tell them Santa also got the video.  Trust me, they are not going to care if they get to play with the DVD or watch it on the TV.