Asdrubal Cabrera Is Willing the Mets to the Wild Card

Guess who has been the best hitter in all of baseball over the past monthMike Trout?  No it’s a National League player.  Kris Bryant?  No, the player resides in the National League East.  Daniel Murphy?  Actually, no, it is a Mets player.  Yoenis Cespedes?  It isn’t.  The best hitter in all of baseball over the past month is Asdrubal Cabrera.

In his career, Cabrera has been a second half player, but his level of play recently has been off the charts.

In the second half, Cabrera has been hitting .309/.359/.564 with 13 doubles, one triple, nine homers, and 23 RBI.  In the month of August, he hit .405/.435/.786 with four doubles, four homers, and 11 RBI.  So far in September, he has been hitting .328/.408/.627 with six doubles, one triple, four homers and eight RBI.  These numbers are all the more incredible when you consider Cabrera is doing this on just one knee.  A knee injury that required him to go on the disabled list at the beginning of August.

When Cabrera returned to the lineup on August 19th, the Mets were one game under .500, and they were quickly falling out of the Wild Card race.  In fact, they sat five games behind the Cardinals for the second Wild Card and seven games behind the Giants for the first Wild Card.  Since Cabrera’s return , the Mets have gone 20-11 which is the best record in all of baseball.  The run has catapulted themselves into a three way tie with the Cardinals and Giants in the Wild Card race.

This run coincides with Cabrera’s hot hitting.  Since his return from the disabled list, he has been the Mets best player. Even on one leg, he is carrying the Mets back to the postseason.