Did Piazza Use Steroids?

There have been some irresponsible opinions that Mike Piazza‘s election to the Hall of Fame means it will pave the way for  known steroid users to be elected to the Hall of Fame. This premise contains one potential logic fallacy. It presupposes Piazza used steroids. Did he?

Let’s start with the case against him. There are no reports, investigations, or tests linking him to steroids. The case against him boils down to rumor, innuendo, and skin problems. We have no statements from teammates, clubhouse workers, or anyone else who may have any link to Piazza establishing he used steroids. So that makes me question how do you counteract rumors and innuendo?  Facts don’t work. Piazza’s denials haven’t worked.  Overall, the only way to combat rumors and inneundo is to present what people will actually say in public about a person. 

Cliff Floyd was a teammate of Piazza from 2003 – 2005. Floyd is an analyst all over the place from MLB Radio, MLB Network, and SNY.  Here’s his opinion on steroid users and the Hall of Fame:


Floyd doesn’t want steroid users in the Hall of Fame. Here’s how he reacted when Mike Piazza was elected:

Floyd didn’t choose to ignore Piazza’s election. He didn’t condemn the choice. He celebrated Piazza’s induction. Floyd shared a clubhouse with Piazza for three years. If anyone would know he used steroids, it was Floyd. However, there were no accusations from him. Just congratulations. From this it is apparent that Cliff Floyd does not believe his former teammate used steroids. 

I already know the rebuttal. Steroid testing  in baseball began in 2003. Of course Floyd saw nothing. This rebuttal doesn’t take into account that no teammate has ever spoken about Piazza using steroids. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been good enough thus far. To that, my next example is Al Leiter

Like Floyd, Leiter is all over the place covering baseball. Leiter was Piazza’s teammate from 1998 – 2004. They played together a long time, and Leiter threw to Piazza more than any other catcher. Here was Leiter’s ballot on MLB Network:

It should first be noted Leiter doesn’t actually have a ballot. The above photo from MLB Network shows how he would have voted if he had a vote. 

Note, there’s no Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens on the ballot. Leiter didn’t vote for two people who have been linked to steroids use during their careers.  These are two people who would’ve been elected but for their steroid use.  Leiter didn’t vote for people who we know from various sources that used steroids. Yet, Leiter voted for Piazza. Other than Piazza himself, who would know better than Leiter if Piazza used steroids? 

If teammates like Leiter and Floyd don’t link Piazza to steroid use, how can anyone else?  If we’re going by word of mouth or rumor, shouldn’t we at least take into account the opinions of Piazza’s teammates?  These are people who have put their name out there and have separated Piazza from the group of known steroid users. They now are now members of the media and are staking their reputations if it ever came out that Piazza used steroids.  I find it hard to believe there is a massive Mets cover up afoot; a coverup which includes each and every player and former player. 

Isn’t this substantive proof that Piazza DID NOT use steroids?  Isn’t this more than what has been presented by anyone as a factual basis to prove Piazza used steroids?  Why doesn’t anyone ever discuss this aspect of whether or not someone used steroids?  It seems the people saying Piazza used steroids are the ones that didn’t play the game. They weren’t the ones in the Mets locker room. Somehow, we’re supposed to believe they know more about Piazza than people who were with him every day from February to early October. It doesn’t add up. 

Therefore, using the same “standard of proof” others have used, it is conclusive Piazza didn’t use steroids.  

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on metsmerizedonline.com