Mara Still Better Than Wilpon

The New York Giants went from two Super Bowls with Eli Manning to becoming the worst franchise in the NFL. No one is worse than their 19-46 record over the last four years.

After firing Jerry Reese, the GM who won the last two mid-season, they let the Dave Gettleman retire on his own terms. As per usual, Gettleman didn’t make himself available for the press. That would require accountability, and he never wanted any part of that.

Then, Joe Judge, the head coach everyone wanted to see gone, kept his job. Even better, the man who quite possibly should’ve been fired tried to insert himself in the GM search.

Think this is bad? Think it can’t get worse? Well, then, you don’t remember the Wilpons.

The bygone owners of the New York Mets made the Maras recent stretch look Hall of Fame worthy.

The Maras weren’t inserting themselves in medical decisions. They haven’t been firing unwed pregnant women. Believe it or not, they’re actually trying to win.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s just so much incompetence and evil with the Wilpons. That’s not the case with the Maras. Right now, it’s incompetence fueled partially by loyalty.

The Giants are really bad right now. Perhaps, it’s the worst stretch in team history. There’s no light in the tunnel. However, on the bright side, they’re not the Wilpons, so maybe there’s some hops.

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