Trivia Friday: 2019 Opening Starters On Different Teams

Many times, we make a big deal out of the Opening Day starter. That’s your ace and the pitcher who is supposed to lead your staff and hopefully the postseason. When it is a pitcher like Johan Santana or Pedro Martinez changing teams, it’s a big deal. For others, no so much.

In any event there is a wide gamut of Opening Day starters, and some find new homes for different reasons. Nearly, one-third of the 2019 Opening Day starters will begin the 2020 season on a different team than they did a year ago. Can you name those pitchers? Good luck!

Marcus Stroman Trevor Cahill Corey Kluber Julio Teheran Jhoulys Chacin Hyun-Jin Ryu Zack Greinke Madison Bumgarner Eric Lauer

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