Jeff Wilpon’s Treatment Of Sandy Alderson His Latest Despicable Act

When it comes to Jeff Wilpon, you keep wondering how one person could be just so despicable.  Over the past few years, he fired an unwed pregnant woman leading the team to have to settle a lawsuit.

In 2015, when former co-owner Nelson Doubleday died, the Mets held a moment of silence, but they refused a uniform patch or even a black armband for the man who rescued the Mets in 1980.

As reported by the New York Time this past December, Jeff Wilpon holds a grudge against Ed Kranepool stemming from an incident from about five years ago when Kranepool said rather than buying shares available for sale, he wanted to buy the team from the Wilpons because he could run the team better.

In response to this, with Kranepool suffering through real health issues causing him to sell off some of his personal memorabilia, Kranepool said, “Not that I need them to do anything for me, but Fred or somebody could have called to say, ‘How you feeling?’”

In and of themselves, each of them are despicable acts, but in true Jeff Wilpon fashion, he seemed to raise the bar yesterday.

In what was a surprise press conference, where Sandy Alderson was announcing he was stepping aside so he could continue his battle with cancer, Jeff Wilpon led things off by saying this:

This is a results business and we’re well below our expectations, from ownership on down.  Talk to the baseball department, the scouting department, the development department, the coaches, the players. Nobody expected to be in this position.

You have a range of emotion just like our fans that include incredibly frustrated, disappointed, angry about our season at this point, certainly.  We’re in a results business and at this point, we’re well below our expectations.

From there, he went into saying how Sandy Alderson was basically stepping aside, and how there was going to be the triumvirate of J.P. Riccardi, Omar Minaya, and John Ricco, who would bring the decisions to Jeff much in the same way they were handled by Alderson.

Put another way, before giving Alderson the floor, Wilpon trashed the job Alderson did this year, essentially said he could do Alderson’s job better, and then he sat there stone faced, disinterested, and playing with the paper in his hands as Alderson, a man fighting for his life, fought through tears to get through everything.

Jeff Wilpon just sat there as Alderson took responsibility for this season and in his saying his performance does not merit him returning to the Mets after he hopefully wins this battle with cancer.  Mets fans can all agree Alderson made some mistakes over the years, but you’d be hard pressed to find a single one who believes everything was completely his fault.

To that end, this smelled more like a “dignified” firing with cancer as an excuse that allowing a good man to focus all of his energies fighting cancer and then being given an opportunity resume his duties as the Mets General Manager.  Certainly, Jeff Wilpon had plenty of opportunities to say Sandy was welcome to return to the Mets, but he always made sure to steer clear of that.

Perhaps most disgusting of all was there was not one thank you uttered from the lips of Jeff Wilpon.  Not one.

This is a man whose hiring probably helped the Wilpons retain control of the team post-Madoff.  This was a man who did the rebuild which led to the Mets making it all the way to the 2015 World Series.  He is just one of two Mets General Managers to make consecutive postseasons.

Last year, after the season fell apart, he focused on saving the Wilpons money than maximizing the return for each and every single of those the players traded.

Mostly, this was a good man who fought for his country, and who did all he could do for the Mets.  In all the years after 1986, Sandy Alderson was quite possibly the closest to winning that third World Series.

When he leaves, he leaves behind players like Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and Amed Rosario.  He also leaves behind a farm system with Andres Gimenez, Mark Vientos, David Peterson, Justin Dunn, Peter Alonso, and so much more.  Long story short, he did an admirable job in difficult circumstances.

At the very least, even as Jeff Wilpon was trashing him and allowing Alderson to take the heat all upon himself, you would think at some point Wilpon would offer a simple, “Thank you.”

Thank you for serving the Mets for the past eight years.  Thank you for 2015.  Thank you for allowing us to retain control of the team.

That “Thank you” never did come, and we shouldn’t be surprised if it never comes.  After all, Jeff Wilpon has shown himself to be a despicable person who can’t help one gravely ill person in Kranpeool, who fires pregnant women and jokes about it, and lastly, allows Alderson to take the heat for all that has gone wrong.

The point cannot be driven home enough.  Jeff Wilpon is a petty and despicable man, and what he did to Alderson yesterday was inexcusable.

For about the millionth time, shame on him.

0 thoughts on “Jeff Wilpon’s Treatment Of Sandy Alderson His Latest Despicable Act”

  1. OldBackstop says:

    A little over the top, MD. He handled the press conference horribly but he deals with hundreds of people and to pluck out a few examples over the years and call him “despicable” ten times is……reads like Maxine Waters.

    I sure wish he’d sell, though….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I didn’t say despicable enough. Jeff is vile and so was his behavior yesterday.

      A man is battling for his life, and Jeff did not have one nice thing to say about Sandy the GM or the man.

      Instead he leads off saying what a poor job Sandy has done.

    2. SportsFan0000 says:

      The Wilpons are completely incompetent and devoid of character.

      MLB should have forced the Wilpons to sell the team since they were bankrupt after stupidly and recklessly investing and squandering most of their funds with Bernie Madoff…. Any ownership group that is so stupid and so incompetent to squander most of their funds with Madoff in a Pyramid scheme should not be allowed by the league to even own an MLB franchise…The Wilpons deserved what happened to them with Bernie Madoff….
      MLB moved quickly to force the Astros into bankruptcy court and engineer the sale of that franchise to the present ownership group that just won the last World Series.

      If MLB had sued to force the Wilpons into bankruptcy court and forced the sale of the Mets to buyers who were flush with capital to spend on the team, then the Mets would not be having their present problems…
      The Wilpons have spent the last many years using the Mets as their personal ATM machine to replemish their family fortune…..
      How can an ownership group in the #1 City in America and the #1 TV market in America flush with huge TV revenues and shared MLB revenues be allowed to run the Mets into the ground, put a subpar product on the field, spend like the Oakland A’s or the Tampa Bay Rays and skim most of the profits out of the Mets for their personal, business and family uses instead of reinvesting the profits back into the Mets?!?!

      Without Sandy Alderson, the Mets would be the Cincinnati Reds…perennial last place ballclub playing in NYC..

      The Wilpons have NO CLASS….

      1. metsdaddy says:

        Well said

      2. Ex-Mets Fan says:

        The Wilpons did not lose money investing with Madoff.

        They made $300 million from his Ponzi scheme!! & had to pay back $162 million to investors who did lose their money to it.


        1. metsdaddy says:

          It’s an interesting point, but we should probably be using sources other than Wikipedia

  2. Lynne says:

    No Mets fan would ever say that ownership of the Mets or the men who took the Mets pension fund and put it into Madoff money should ever run a major league team. People have been removed from ownership and forced the sell the team. Instead of that, MLB assigned Wilpon as in charge of MLB Investments… am I missing something here?

    There was a buyer of 51% of the team, Wilpon said “I want this team for my grandchildren” … I just hope the grandchildren are have more class and know much more about business than the Wilpons..

    The new “triumvirate ” will not be 3 people with equal power … and they do not add anything (per Jeff) different to the Mets equation than Sandy. A 3-headed power ends up a disaster.

    I leave you with mythology. Cerberus was a vicious beast that guarded the entrance to Hades and kept the living from entering the world of the dead. According to Apollodorus, Cerberus was a strange mixture of creatures: he had three heads of wild dogs, a dragon or serpent for a tail, and heads of snakes all over his back

    Doesn’t that look a lot like Jeff?

  3. Blu2MileHigh says:

    For Jeff Wilpon with his lesser appalling history via the Carlos Zambrano trade he pushed for, the hatred that Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez have for him (for good reason?), his kissing up to Tom Glavine with a lavish retirement yet $22,222 check to Jeter’s foundation….?

    Jeff Wilpon only decided to dump Sandy after Mike Vacarro’s editorial last week…
    It was about public perception….


    Jeff Wilpon could have let Sandy retire and not point the finger?

    Jeff Wilpon could have accepted 10% of the responsibility?
    An owner that does not mingle would take 100%, Jeffrey who micromanages, and spends 1/10th of what other clubs on analytics, took how much of the blame?

    I think the Mets bad luck (overflowing to Harvey etc) is because of the ownership’s bad Karma…

    Sandy saved, secured, stabilized a literally broke situation as Selig loaned the Mets cash to pay the janitors.

    Sandy had to deal with Wilpon’s problems more than being a GM.

    Some say the word malignant narcissism too loosely…



    Jeff Wilpon is here to stay…. how freakin sad it is!!!

    We need a poll of who is responsible for the Met’s futility?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      We don’t need a poll. It’s the Wilpons

  4. Blu2MileHigh says:

    You kidding me….

    You seriously want Mike Vacarro, the Pulitzer Prize winner to be Jeff Wilpon’s proxy?


    1. metsdaddy says:

      Who said that?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Great article by Mike Vaccaro. Not germane to this discussion

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