Mets Cushioning Blow For Potential Future deGrom Trade

Yesterday, the discussion about the Mets even entertaining Jacob deGrom happened on CMB on WFAN. The lively discussion wasn’t about just the possibility of trading deGrom. No, it was also about the possibility of trading him to the Yankees.

Then, John Harper of the New York Daily News wrote an article not just about trading deGrom but also Noah Syndergaard.

Like Carlin of CMB, Harper dismissed the notion deGrom would be traded to the Yankees as the Mets did not want to give the Yankees the final piece of their championship puzzle. Still, that did not stop the New York Daily News from printing this back page:

It should be noted Carlin was a former SNY employee who still has ties to many at both the network and the Mets organization.

For his part, Harper regularly appears on SNY, especially on Daily News Live.

Yes, for those who forgot, the Mets, SNY, and the New York Daily News are in bed together.

If the Mets were ever going to contemplate trading their big pitchers, especially one as popular as deGrom, you first want to gauge fan reaction. Ideally, if possible, you would want to begin to manipulate fans into agreeing this decision is best for the team.

The best way to do it? Well, that back page is a good start.

At the moment, Mets fans are in a panic deGrom will be pitching the Yankees to a World Series title much like David Cone once did. Only this is worse because it was the Blue Jays who traded Cone to the Yankees. This time the Mets are trading deGrom to the Yankees!

This causes many a Mets fan to exclaim, “Anywhere than the Yankees!”

That’s not the same as don’t trade deGrom.

Now, we know the Mets aren’t trading anyone just yet. It’s still way too soon, and even with a 3-10 May record, this team is still just 4.5 games out of the division and one game in the loss column from a Wild Card spot.

Still, when things are this bad, and everything is on the verge of spiraling out of control, you begin to at least lay the groundwork for being sellers at the deadline. If you want to blow it all up and do a full rebuild that means trading deGrom.

From a PR perspective that’s a nightmare, which is why you put it in Mets fans heads he could be a Yankee. When he’s not a Yankee, you’re relieved.

Then, when you turn on the radio or SNY, you will get to hear what a great return the Mets received in exchange for deGrom and how these players will accelerate this rebuild.

You’ll hear that because the Mets have ties all over the local media to help them manipulate the Mets fan into buying the team’s narrative.

And it all started with then laying a foundation for the Mets trading deGrom . . .

0 thoughts on “Mets Cushioning Blow For Potential Future deGrom Trade”

  1. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Chris Carlin is a lifelong Yankees fan!!
    No ifs or buts.

    John Harper and Joel Sherman are my go to guys in baseball.

    Ken Davidoff knows his Yankees inside and out also and you might want to email him on this one.

    Harper seems to want to move on from the Mets, imo. Harper is very astute IMO.

    Speaking on moving on, the guy from Newsday who moved on is a good place to ask the question: Jon Heyman

    jonheyman @ aol com

    kdavidoff @ ny post dot com

    The Mets need a face for the franchise? not de Grom?
    The Mets want to hand over another David Cone? Fred is still alive, last I checked?
    The Mets want to get the first pick in the amateur draft? ok but….
    The Mets are willing to lose 15-20,000 fans a game?
    The Yankees will have the money for six years of de Grom at $180,000,000?
    The Mets refuse to pay de Grom?
    The Mets will just give him to the Yankees without other bids?
    Synderguard has great value, now?
    The Mets will field Matz, Wheeler, Vargas and Vegas trash until Peterson and Dunn are ready?

    I wish these people would do more critical thinking game to game, get granular on stats etc than waste everyone’s time with this complete bullshit!

    I really learn little to zero about baseball from the entire New York blogs and media….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Carlin grew up a Mets fan until they traded Mookie. After that, he became a Rangers fan.

      Also, stop selling me Harper. He’s a paid mouthpiece hired by SNY.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I commented in the other thread.

      MLB investigated and cleared Beltran on wrongdoing. Beltran has steadfastly denied using steroids.

      When it comes to Beltran, this is a non-issue.

  2. CaptainAmerica says:

    Aaron Judge and Gleybar Torres for Jacob deGrom?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Only if our drug Brian Cashman.

      1. CaptainAmerica says:

        If deGrom is getting traded to them that would be the type of ask made.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Fair, but there’s no way the Yankees do that

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