Go Get Manny Machado

There was speculation in the Boston Globe yesterday, the Baltimore Orioles might be looking to move SS/3B Manny Machado this offseason, and one of the teams involved in bidding for Machado could be the New York Mets.  If there is something to this speculation, the Mets should do all they can do to go out there and get Machado.

The problem with swinging a deal is the Mets do not have the prospects to swing such a deal.  As a result, if a deal is going to take place, the Mets are going to have to trade some of their major league players for Machado.

As an aside, I typically hate fan generated trade proposals.  As a result, I attempt to address existing rumors rather than attempt to create some on your own.  With the possibility of Machado being available, I’m breaking my own personal rule.

For starters, we should presume that the Mets would make Noah Syndergaard untouchable.  He’s still under cost-control, and he’s a bona fide ace.  With all the other Mets starters being injured to injury prone and the Orioles extremely strict medical review process, it’s highly doubtful the Orioles take back Steven Matz or Matt Harvey in a deal – at least as the major part of the trade.

If there is going to be a pitcher traded, and you’re likely going to have to trade one, it is Jacob deGrom.  Now, you’d hate to lose deGrom.  He’s been the one healthy pitcher this year, and he has been one of the best pitchers in all of baseball since he was the Rookie of the Year in 2014.  The Mets also have control over deGrom until 2020.

On the flip side, deGrom will be 30 next season.  While he has had a healthy season a year after his nerve transposition surgery last year, he has taken a step back.  He’s had an uneven season this year going 14-9 with a 3.65 ERA, 1.212 WHIP, and a 10.4 K/9.

Taking all that into account, the Orioles would likely be interested in deGrom, but they would need more.  Considering the amount of teams interested, the Mets are going to have to give up a piece that hurts.  Likely, that piece would have to be Amed Rosario.

In a short time span, there is a lot to like with Rosario.  He’s been dynamic in the field with the glove and with his speed.  We have seen why he was considered to be one of if not one of the top prospects in all of baseball.  He’s a player you’d consider to be absolutely untouchable.

But this is Manny Machado we’re talking about here.

Machado is one of the top players in baseball, and he’s just 24 years old.  He’s a great hitter and a great fielder.  Even in a down year fueled by a .274 BABIP, he’s still a 4.4 WAR player.  That would make him the best player on the Mets this season.

It would be a daring move, but it is one that could transform this franchise much in the way the Mets obtaining Mike Piazza did in 2017.  This isn’t hyperbole either.  Machado is a Hall of Fame talent and a real difference maker.

Like with Piazza in 1998, it’s a gamble because you’re not guaranteed anything past next year.  It’s a bigger gamble when you consider what deGrom is and what Rosario could be.

Part of the gamble could be alleviated by signing either Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta this offseason to replace deGrom.  If you can do that, there is no doubt that a team with Darvish and Machado is better than a team with deGrom and Rosario.  If you can get Machado to sign an extension, this trade becomes all the more enticing.

If the Mets really want to compete for a World Series next year, this is the deal you make.

The chances of such a deal taking place is not likely.  First, the Orioles are a notoriously difficult trading partner.  Second, you’re convincing Machado to give up on testing the free agent waters.  Lastly, and perhaps the biggest obstacle, you’re asking the Mets to spend at a time when they are looking to cut payroll.

So overall, while this MIGHT be the framework for a reasonable deal between the two sides, it is really unlikely we will ever see Machado in a Mets uniform.

Personally, I would do the deal, especially if you can get Machado to sign an extension.  However, in what isn’t the first time, it seems many Mets fans disagree with me:

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  1. Saul's Colorist says:

    Gothamist on September 7, 2017 at 10:41 am
    This will happen Met fans!

    Could not agree more….
    Harvey days as a stopper are not likely.

    Tom Glavine adjusted to losing speed and was a pitcher for many years…

    Harvey is not a stopper now but :


    What WS winners had no stopper?


    But there were bats and signing Machado as a FA sounds great !!!

    “””””””Five Tool Ownership says:

    September 6, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    This will bite the Mets in the butt and humiliate Wilpon/Cats Families and the grandson kids!

    First – Financially THE METS OWE HARVEY 2018 at $10M

    Second – The long relationship going back years should be played out to exhaustion. You just do not walk away from deep commitment.

    Third – See “FIRST”

    Fourth – What if the Yankees take on Harvey for two years and subsequently Matt ends up a consistent 14-17 game winner for five plus years?

    What is the risk reward?
    How will the fans see it?

    So essentially Harvey has one injury free years in the last four and odds are that he will have one next year, the Mets will not even have players to throw money at next year and they will save the $10M?


    1. Gothamist says:

      I think we all agree:

      Regardless of any factor:




  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Lacks capacity?

    What else does he lack?

    Ability to build winners from now until 2055….?

    So Met fans Jeff Wilpon is here to stay…

    What are his tools as the COO?
    How would you ask a FA such as Manny Machado to sign here w COO being Jeff abd President being Saul Cats?

    Would a team trade a good 8th inning reliever for Jeff or Saul?

    Ask the last $100 FA who came over in the off season from another club?

    Metsdaddy, what about FAs since Doubleday Estate sold their share?

    Who would you rather have as a Team President?

    The guys in :

    Red Sox

    What are the differences and key attributes needed for a team President?

    What other Presidents come to mind?

    Well this will go unanswered….
    Met fans do not know who Gavin Cecchini is…

    They have been growing in disinterest since the late spring…


    Was it too humiliating to get advice from Tom House before March?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s not a matter of who I would rather have. You’re stuck with the team president. I’d rather focus on things that have a resolution.

      One of those things is Machado. There’s room for a trade, and if you give him what he wants, he may sign that extension.

    2. NYCTim says:

      I grant you permission to negotiate with Randy Levine. You may also have that scumbag Lonn Trost.

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Sandy get promoted?

    A poll?

    MLB team presidents: baseball vs. business
    Posted by Ryan Divish
    Note: Sorry for the absence: football and moving intervened. Nothing like staring at a box full of 30 bobbleheads and wondering why you have them or where you’ll put them.

    After the Mariners announced that Kevin Mather would take over as president for Chuck Armstrong, there was a fair amount of consternation that the team didn’t hire Tony LaRussa. It wasn’t really too surprising of a hire considering Lincoln lauded his internal candidates from the moment Armstrong announced his retirement. Mather certainly has the qualifications from a business standpoint. He’s been in the baseball business for a long time. But even he admitted, he’s not a “baseball guy” meaning he didn’t play, coach, manage or scout.

    As is often the case on Twitter or email, the media become a sounding board for angry fans. Sometimes it can be annoying, other times amusing and other times useful. I received several emails lamenting the choice of Mather and the fact that the Mariners missed out on hiring a baseball man to do the job. One emailer also made the statement that every other team has baseball men serving as president. That piqued my interest because I knew it wasn’t true. I knew a handful of teams had business-type people serving as team presidents.

    So I asked for some help and got a list of all the team presidents for every team.

    Team Name Title
    Baltimore Orioles John Angelos Executive Vice President
    Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino President/CEO
    Chicago White Sox Howard Pizer Sr. Executive Vice President
    Cleveland Indians Mark Shapiro President
    Detroit Tigers David Dombrowski President/GM/CEO
    Houston Astros Reid Ryan President/Business Operations
    Kansas City Royals Dan Glass President
    Los Angeles Angels John Carpino President
    Minnesota Twins Dave St. Peter President
    New York Yankees Randy Levine President
    Oakland Athletics Mike Crowley President
    Seattle Mariners Kevin Mather President/COO
    Tampa Bay Rays Matt Silverman President
    Texas Rangers Jon Daniels President, Baseball Ops/GM
    Toronto Blue Jays Paul Beeston President/CEO
    Arizona Diamondbacks Derrick Hall President/CEO
    Atlanta Braves John Schuerholz President
    Chicago Cubs Crane Kenney President, Business Ops
    Theo Epstein President, Baseball Ops
    Cincinnati Reds Robert Castellini President/CEO
    Colorado Rockies Dan O’Dowd EVP/Chief Baseball Officer/GM
    Greg Feasel EVP/Business and COO
    Los Angeles Dodgers Stan Kasten President/CEO
    Miami Marlins David Samson President
    Milwaukee Brewers Doug Melvin President, Baseball Ops/GM
    Rick Schlesinger COO
    New York Mets Jeff Wilpon COO
    Philadelphia Phillies David Montgomery General Partner/President/CEO
    Pittsburgh Pirates Frank Coonelly President
    St. Louis Cardinals Bill DeWitt President
    San Diego Padres Mike Dee President/CEO
    San Francisco Giants Larry Baer President/CEO
    Washington Nationals Mike Rizzo President, Baseball Operations
    Alan Gottlieb COO/ Lerner Sports

  4. bbgods says:

    I would only consider this if Machado agrees to an extension. Baltimore is a great fit for the Mets, though, because they have stars at the Mets weakest positions: 3B, CF, Setup Rel, and 2B.

    I would even consider trading Syndergaard plus for Machado, Adam Jones, Britton, and Schoop. Improve the def, sign some ground ball pitchers. Of course, none of this will happen because not Sandy’s Small Market’s style.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Completely agree. I only do the deal if Machado signs an extension.

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