Cespedes Is Cooking!

As we saw during Spring Training, Yoenis Cespedes is serious about his cooking. He even lent out his Lamborghini just so he could have the right waffle iron

Lately, Cespedes has moved from waffles to eggs. 

Cespedes is cooking!  This year Cespedes has been the Mets best player. He’s hit .303/.384/.660 with 15 homers and 36 RBI. He leads the majors in homers, RBI, slugging, OPS+, and awesome cars. As we’ve seen these results are a result of what he’s been cooking up. Recently, he shared some of his eggs with Michael Conforto:

Conforto has hit homers two games in a row. He has also been the Mets second best player hitting .284/.358/.553 with eight homers and 24 RBI. 

Considering how the Mets have been hitting lately, it’s time the rest of the Mets start having what Cespedes is cooking. If he needs some help, I got the perfect sous chef for him. 


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