Why Collins is a Leader and Wright Isn’t 

For all my issues with Terry Collins, he’s shown himself to be a great presence in the clubhouse. He certainly showed himself to be that today with Matt Harvey missing the workout:

He tried to quash it. He tried to put an end to the story. As he said, “Its over. Done. End of story. Still pitching Game 3.”  He said it wasn’t a big deal. That’s how a leader handles it. 

Let’s see how David Wright handles his issues with Harvey. Let’s first visit the innings limit drama. On the day of the press conference, here’s how Wright treated Harvey:

Yup, Wright snubbed him for all to see exacerbating the story.  After the snub was reported everywhere, Wright needed to change course, and he did:

That’s right. He had a four inning conversation in the dugout for all to see so everyone can praise him and forget his snub. The Mets then started winning, and Harvey announced he would pitch in the playoffs. All was forgotten until Harvey screwed up today. Wright’s response?

“I’m concerned with the guys who are here.”  Are you kidding me?  He could’ve squashed it. He could’ve said a million other things. He’s turning this into a Jeter/A-Rod type of situation. Instead, he gave the impression there’s a clubhouse problem. Collins is then answering questions about Harvey’s perception:

Yes, this story is all Harvey’s fault. However, where was the Captain, the team leader, to step in and put an end to all of it?  He was adding fuel to the fire while making sure everyone was at their assigned lunch seats

Did that moment help Noah Syndergaard?  Probably. However, I’m not sure how it helped the rookie to have that story leaked in Spring Training. All that happened there was Wright got to look like the Captain, and Thor got smacked down by everyone. 

I don’t mean to beat up on Wright. He’s been a great Met, and I commend him for fighting to come back this year. However, that makes him a great player and a winner. It doesn’t make him a team leader, whether or not he is the Captain. 

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  1. LG says:

    This is a silly article. Particularly showing a few seconds of a vine video as if that means anything. How do you know that was evidence of Wright being mad at Harvey? We have no idea what was said in that clip. Heck, even when people know what is said in these little video clips they don’t always tell the full story. Everyone thought Wright was fighting with Freeman in that video at 1b from a couple weeks ago – it turned out the two were joking around, but the camera cut away before that was clear. And shortly after this Harvey video came out – Adam Rubin – a reporter generally in the know, said it was nothing and that he saw Wright hugging Harvey in the clubhouse. Wright has also publicly defended Harvey several times with the inning saga – saying Harvey was caught in the middle, that he doesnt blame him for listening to what his agent/docs have to say, and the thing was blown out of proportion.

    And similar here. I don’t see how what Wright said is wrong – particularly if you are going to praise TC for his quotes. TC loudly declared, Harvey f*ed up. All Wright basically said was that the Harvey questions should be asked to Harvey – and that he would rather talk about the workout today and how the team is ready for Friday. Wright has a right to be annoyed about the situation. He could have pretended it was “nothing” but that would have been kinda weird too and not very “captainy” to completely act like nothing was wrong with a teammate blowing off a workout.

    I don’t pretend to know what goes on in the clubhouse, but enough teammates, coaches, and media around the team have said Wright is a good leader that it seems to be the case. Here’s a recent tweet from Martino of the Daily News saying such, with also a link to a radio interview with Wright defending Harvey.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Thanks for reading my “silly” post. By the way, you didn’t address how he publicly embarrass Thor.

      1. LG says:

        I don’t see an issue with the Thor thing either. Thor should have been watching the game Wright told him such. It was a weird situation where a couple media guys happened to be in the clubhouse during the game and Wright didn’t notice they were there. The ones that were there didn’t report it as Wright reaming into Thor, just him giving a bit of a lecture to follow the rules. And if he waited until later when everyone was gone – the game would have been over and Noah would have missed it. That situation wasn’t a big deal at all.

        And you want to talk about Thor being embarrassed/ashamed, you should listen to Adam Rubin talk about how Harvey treats Thor. Harvey apparently has gotten on Thor multiple times (at least once in full view of reporters while Noah was doing an interview) for things like Noah being willing to talk to the media on non-start days. And it’s gotten to the point that Noah now does a lot of his interviews outside the clubhouse away from his locker, so that he doesn’t have to deal with Harvey’s comments.

        And I didn’t say the Martino link was from yesterday. I know it’s not from yesterday…I just said it was recent. I just used that one as an example of what those in the media who spend time around the team think about Wright’s leadership – and it also contained an interview with Wright handling the previous Harvey drama. Media guys around the team, and teammates/coaches all rave about Wright’s leadership – nothing bad is ever said about the guy. And those people that are actually around the team know much more of what actually goes on than fans do. If anything the knock on his “leadership” over the years by some in the media has been that he’s too mild mannered at least in the public view (though reports were he was always more active behind the scenes). Now you want to portray him as terrible for something like being seen talking to Harvey in the dugout one day? That’s silly….especially if you are also going to criticize him for some perceived instance of him not wanting to talk Harvey in that vine video (eventhough you have no idea what actually happened there). If Harvey and Wright were in the dugout that day and sitting far away from each other or sitting nearby and not talking at all – you probably would have portrayed that as something awful too.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          So Wright just so happened to lecture Thor in front of reporters? He just so happened to talk to Harvey for four innings in the dugout the day after the alleged snub? I’m shocked that after 10 years in NY, fans say he has no media savvy.

    2. metsdaddy says:

      Also your Martino link is not from yesterday

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