Mets Priorities 

Quick question for everyone: what is the Mets goal for the rest of the season?  Wrong. It’s not getting Homefield advantage. It’s getting the team ready for the playoffs. 

In order for that to happen, here’s what needs to get done:

  1. Steven Matz needs to get five innings on Saturday or Sunday meaning a short start for either Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey;
  2. You don’t risk David Wright‘s back playing on a sloppy or wet field;
  3. Yoenis Cespedes needs to be in Germany or anywhere that can aggressively treat a bruise;
  4. Jon Niese needs to pitch in two games this weekend;
  5. Play Dilson Herrera at multiple positions to see if he can make the playoff roster;
  6. No wasted at bats to Eric CampbellAnthony ReckerJohnny Monell, or anyone that the Mets are not considering putting on the playoff roster;
  7. Same goes for the relievers even if there is a blowout. They need to stay fresh;
  8. Get Travis d’Arnaud back on track;
  9. Allow Michael Conforto to hit against some lefties because he’s eventually going to have to face one in October; and
  10. Get out of the weekend healthy. 

If the Mets accomplish the above, they will be in a strong position entering the playoffs. Homefield advantage is secondary to this. If the Mets get it, great. If they don’t, it may inure to their benefit. Overall, I’m absolutely convinced the Mets do not need homefield advantage in the NLDS to win. 

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