Why Didn’t Anyone Pitch a Good Bullpen Idea?

When the Mets assembled this front office, they were all touted as geniuses. Apparently, everyone just disregarded J.P. Riccardi’d tenure in Toronto and Paul DePodesta’s brief tenure in Los Angeles. The only known contributions from the two of them is the Colin McHugh-Eric Young, Jr. trade

The reason I bring this up is everyone in the whole organization is acting like idiots right now.  We all agree that the Mets needed to do something with Bobby Parnell. Some wanted him released. I wanted them to give him time to get himself right. Seemingly, the Mets found a terrific option: put Parnell on the DL and call-up Logan Verrett to take his place. Only that’s not what happened

What happened is they brought him up to make a spot start for Matt Harvey on Sunday. Yup, they called up Verrett to pitch one very quick inning on this throw day, Wednesday, and then make a spot start on Sunday. 

Where was the genius that said, “maybe this is a bad idea?”  Who said, “let’s delay putting Parnell on the DL until Sunday so as to not short change our bullpen one arm Friday and Saturday?”  How come no one thought, “is there an another option, like Vic Black, that we can call up and have available until Sunday?”

This mismanagement is unconscionable. Keep in mind you’re not just shortening your bullpen for two games, you’re also doing it in Colorado with your three worst starting pitchers. This is like going to Iceland in December and saying, “I have a heavy sweatshirt, why would I need a winter coat?”  It’s not like the entire country is one massive glacier in the Artic Circle. Oh, it is. Well then I’ll bring a winter hat. 

Keep mind, the Mets are also shortchanging their bullpen going to Philadelphia. It’s not like Verrett will pitch Sunday and be available on Monday. The earliest he will be available would be Wednesday. So essentially, the Mets called up Verrett to shorten the bullpen for at least five games. How does this make sense?

All of this also ignores the insanity of how this team has handled Matt Harvey this season. We all knew there was going to be an innings limit issue. Did the Mets hold him back a month to restrict his innings? No. Did they decide to sit him after two rough May outings? No. Instead, they’re choosing to sit him in the middle of a pennant race when he’s been pitching really well. 

Maybe they send down Verrett after Sunday’s start and recall Black or someone else. Maybe there is a move I’m completely missing. I doubt it. 

Overall, I don’t know what the Mets are doing right now. When they act like this, I’m not sure they even know what they’re doing either. 

0 thoughts on “Why Didn’t Anyone Pitch a Good Bullpen Idea?”

  1. Ak says:

    You have zero credentials and should t be writing and criticizing mets front office and calling them idiots. You’re an idiot, have you seen some of your grammar errors and your ridiculous baseball ideas?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s probably not a good idea to criticize someone’s grammar when your comment has a grammatical error.

      1. Ak says:

        That’s not a grammar error l, that’s a typo and the iPhone being silly. I’m just saying that you’re just a fan just like the rest of us— you shouldn’t act like you have so much authority and write saying what the Mets should do and how they should manage their roster. You, me, and the rest of the fans not involved in the front office have zero clue who is doing what other than when they’re on TV. It’s not just results and this game is a funny one and results can oftentimes be a skewed representation of how the player actually plays. Yes, we all think Parnell Is performing like a bum and are questioning the front office but you clearly have no idea what all managing a ML roster entails… I appreciate your passion for the mets but don’t be so damn quick to call the Mets idiots… That makes me question you because that’s something a highly impulsive and irrational fan would say and I want to think you’re not that, given the thought you put into your articles. But Sandy is like 70 years old and knows infinitely more than you do, despite how it can appear, so let the man do his job. That’s all I’m saying.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          First things first: the sentence, “[y]ou’re an idiot, have you seen some of your grammatical errors and your ridiculous baseball ideas?” is not a typo. It’s grammatically incorrect.

          Second, this is my blog with my opinions. I’m not going to change them. There are plenty of other blogs out there that don’t provide opinions and just give roster news and transactions. Some of them are quite good. That is not what I do.

          Third, I know that I don’t know what the Mets are doing only they know. That shouldn’t stop me from offering an opinion. That is especially true when my opinion is right. The Mets are shortchanging the bullpen.

          Fourth, I never called anyone an idiot. You’re the only person who has done so here.

          Fifth, as much as I would love to have input, nothing I say on this blog will have any impact on Sandy doing his job. It’s true he’s a smart man, and that is why he won’t listen to fans. It also doesn’t necessarily mean I’m wrong because I disagree with him.

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