Wilpons Keeping Fans Money During COVID19 Pandemic

With MLB enforcing their end of the March agreement, every team is going to play a 60 game schedule, and they’re never going to leave their time zone. That means the original 2020 schedule has been officially scrapped.

That means even with Mets players at Citi Field for Summer Training, they won’t be joined by the Padres for the Fourth of July weekend. The Mets also aren’t going to host the Rockies at the end of August.

Even if those games were going to happen, to ticket holders it doesn’t matter. Under COVID19 restrictions, fans are not permitted to attend games at the ballpark. Seeing how New York is scaling back reopening, the chances of fans attending games is slim to none.

In total, the old schedule is null and void as it has been replaced by a completely new schedule which has yet to be released. When that new schedule is released, tickets will not be available for sale because fans cannot attend games.

Despite that, the Mets are keeping their fans money.

According to their recently released policy, they are only refunding games through the end of June. Even though they know the scheduled July, August, and September games aren’t happening, they don’t care. They’re keeping that money, and maybe in the future, you can request a refund.

That’s if you decide not to roll it forward for a 2021 game. Sure, they’ll keep that money for a year, but they’ll impose blackout dates.

It should come as no surprise this comes on the heels of reports the Wilpons had just laid off 25 employees. It also comes after news the Wilpons are desperate to sell the Mets.

This was a team purportedly losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to the Wilpons financial mismanagement. That was before the pandemic. They’re seeking extensions on payment of loan agreements. The Mets are among the teams who are anticipated to lose the most money during this pandemic.

Perhaps then, it is of no small accident they’re keeping fans money for games which are no longer scheduled and for games which will be played without fans.

The Wilpons are firing people and keeping your money. While not technically theft, it’s plain wrong, and it’s another example why the Wilpons need to be out of the business of baseball as soon as possible.

Adam Silver Becoming Worst Commissioner In Professional Sports

The popular opinion is Adam Silver is the best commissioner in all of pro sports. To a certain extent, you can understand why that is a prevailing opinion because you can accomplish it almost by default.

Ron Manfred almost shows disdain for his sport, and he dragged baseball through the mud in his unsuccessful attempts to back out of the March collectively bargained agreement.

Gary Bettman was in charge when the NHL cancelled a full season and booing him has become sport. It’s at the point with him when the maitre d’ says “Bettman, party of two” the entire restaurant boos.

Roger Goodell has just stumbled over even the easiest of hurdles since becoming the Commissioner of the NFL. He’s been an awkward messenger at a time when the NFL has had to deal with social issues and labor disputes.

Then, there is Adam Silver who faces little to no criticism even after his handling of Daryl Morey’s support of Hong Kong. For those who forgot, which is apparently almost everyone, Silver’s initial reaction was to say:

We are extremely disappointed by the inappropriate remarks made by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey, who has undoubtedly seriously hurt the feelings of our Chinese fans. Morey has now clarified that his comments do not represent the position of the rockets or the NBA. Under the values of the NBA, people can examine topics they find deeply interesting and share their own opinions on matters. We have great respect for China’s history and culture, and hope that sports and the NBA, can be used as positive energy for unity, and continue to be help build a bridge for international cultural exchanges and bring people together.


That’s not the “strong statement” Silver was championed for making after China took irreversible action. For a moment, put Hong Kong aside and just focus on the current pandemic.

Remember when Rudy Gobert first tested positive, NBA teams were still playing in full arenas. It was Gobert’s positive test which forced the NBA and other sports to shut down.

Now, the pro sports leagues are planning on continuing or starting up their seasons in July and August. On this topic, Silver said, “we are left with no choice but to learn to live with this virus.” (ESPN).

On the subject of what happens when a player tests positive, he callously said, “That team would be down a man, and we would treat that positive test as we would an injury during the season. And so we would not delay the continuation of the playoffs.”

Keep in mind, the NBA season is set to continue in Orlando. Right now, Florida is one of the places on the planet where COVID19 numbers are exploding. Yesterday alone, there were over 6,000 reported new cases. That’s a few days after there were nearly 10,000 cases reported on one day.

According to ESPN, 16 players have recently tested positive for COVID19. There are other players opting out of the season to protect themselves and their families. Recently, Gobert said he’s still dealing with COVID19 related symptoms over three months after he was first diagnosed.

With all this in the backdrop, Silver told the public his players need to learn to live with the disease, and his players getting sick won’t necessarily shut down the season. No, Silver is going to require a large amount of his players getting sick to even contemplate shutting it back down.

Perhaps, that’s because Silver won’t face the same risk of infection as he’s not going to be there the whole time. Instead, he’s sticking his players in one of the most infected places on the planet, and he’s getting out of there and to a safer place.

But, hey, there’s a group of people calling him the best. After all, he’s going to allow the NBA to paint “Black Lives Matter” on the courts. Of course, there’s a certain irony in sending that message while simultaneously sending players to a COVID19 hotbed and saying a lot of players need to get sick before he’ll contemplate taking necessary action.

Moreover, the commissioner attempting to send the “Black Lives Matter” message runs the only sports league which requires its players to stand for the anthem. When given the opportunity to speak on the issue, he effectively declined to answer it.

So, to sum up, Silver will send his players to a COVID19 hotbed, and he will not stay there. His initial reaction to standing for civil rights is to apologize for offending oppressive governments and to make sure that message wasn’t from the NBA. He requires his players to stand for the anthem.

Somehow, people see this, and they push the narrative he’s the best commissioner in sports. This should beg the question what does Silver have to do beyond taking a stand against civil rights and showing a callous disregard for this players for people to think he’s not the best, let alone his being among the worst commissioners. . . which is what the man seeing a sport with declining ratings actually is.

Simulated Recap: Typical deGrom Win

This is exactly the type of game we have come to expect with Jacob deGrom on the mound. He shut out the Giants for eight innings while allowing just one hit and striking out 11 batters. While deGrom was shutting down the Giants offense, the Mets couldn’t really muster any run support for their ace.

Finally, in the seventh, Brandon Nimmo hit a two run homer to give the Mets a lead. In the eighth, Pete Alonso hit a homer of his own to increase the Mets lead to 3-0. That would be the final score after Edwin Diaz recorded the save.

Simulated Recap: Another Extra Inning Win

Another day, another pitcher’s duel, another extra inning game. This time it was Michael Wacha and Johnny Cueto.

This game went into extras tied 1-1 with the Mets run coming when Wilson Ramos scored in the sixth. Yoenis Cespedes was not credited with an RBI as he grounded into a double play.

The Mets took the lead for the first time in the 11th on an Amed Rosario homer off Reyes Moronta. Later in the inning, Michael Conforto hit a bases loaded two RBI single expanding the Mets lead to 4-1.

The Giants scored one in the bottom of the inning off Edwin Diaz, but that was it as Diaz picked up the save. After pitching a scoreless ninth and 10th, Justin Wilson picked up the win.

Simulated Recap: Alonso Hits Two Giant Homers

Rick Porcello and Dereck Rodriguez had a pitcher’s duel, and for a moment it looked like Robinson Cano‘s first inning RBI single scoring Michael Conforto was going to be all the runs the Mets would score.

For a while that was enough, at least until Dellin Betances allowed a two run homer to Mike Yastrzemski in the eighth. However, the Mets would not lose as Pete Alonso homered off Reyes Moronta with two outs in the ninth.

The Giants had two on with one out in the 12th, but Robert Gsellman would get out of the jam. He’d then become the winning pitcher when Alonso hit a two run homer off Shaun Anderson in the 13th.

That lead grew to 5-2 when on the very next pitch Conforto would homer. That would be the final score with Edwin Diaz recording the save.

Simulated Recap: Matz And Mets Bullpen Shredded

This game was tied at 3-3 in the fourth. Michael Conforto has a first inning RBI single. Robinson Cano had a third inning RBI double, and he scored later that inning.

Steven Matz allowed two more runs in the fourth before getting the hook. Any chances the Mets might’ve had of coming back to get Matz off the hook were dashed when the Phillies knocked around Justin Wilson in the eighth and Dellin Betances in the ninth.

That made the 7-3 game an ugly 11-3 loss.

Why Bother With 2020 Season When It Means Manfred Gets To Ruin Baseball?

As previously noted, Rob Manfred has been using the COVID19 pandemic to push his agenda. That has included eliminating minor league teams, a universal DH, radical realignment, and an expanded postseason.

People will say it’s only due to the pandemic, but Manfred is pushing for these things to take place over the following two seasons. With these things transpiring for two years, it’s hard to imagine going back, especially with this commissioner.

Now, it’s looks like Manfred is going to go too far. He’s now pushing his extra inning plan. Years ago, he eased off when there was pushback, and he instead implemented it in the minors. Now, there’s not as much pushback.

Make no mistake here, Manfred is using this pandemic to push forward all of his moronic plans for the game. When people were paying attention, he was shouted down by everyone. Now, when everyone is focused on a pandemic, Manfred is pushing forward unchecked.

There may soon be advertising on jerseys as well. Well, there will be past the Nike swoosh if and when they can ever play again. Of course, with the numbers exploding in Florida and Arizona, and the Phillies dealing with a coronavirus outbreak, you wonder if they’ll actually play in 2020.

Considering what Manfred is doing to the game, you have to question whether it’s actually worth playing? While we’re at it let’s find new “B” words for MLB because when Manfred is done fundamentally changing the game it’s not going to represent baseball anymore.

Simulated Recap: Stroman And Alonso Dominate Phillies

Marcus Stroman was brilliant in this game shutting out the Phillies over 7.2 innings. Jake Arrieta and the Phillies bullpen? Not so much?

When Pete Alonso hit the first of his two homers in the first, the Mets pitchers had all the run support they needed in this 11-0 route.

In addition to Alonso, Michael Conforto and Wilson Ramos also homered.

Simulated Recap: Mets With Big Comeback

The Mets jumped out quickly in this game. A Robinson Cano first inning sacrifice fly gave the Mets a 1-0 lead. They’d bust out in the second.

Jeff McNeil hit a three run homer off Vince Velasquez in the second. Later that inning, Michael Conforto hit a two run blast to give the Mets a 6-1 lead.

Jacob deGrom couldn’t hold onto the big lead, and he’s depart after five with the game tied 6-6.

The Mets were behind 8-6 in the eighth when McNeil hit an RBI single pulling the Mets within one. Later in the inning, Conforto was intentionally walked to lo ad the bases, and Wilson Ramos tied the game on an RBI groundout.

Cano hit a two RBI single off former Yankees teammate David Robertson to give the Mets a 10-8 lead.

Robert Gsellman picked up the win, Seranthony Dominguez was saddled with the loss, and Edwin Diaz recorded the save.

Simulated Recap: Mets Take Lead For Good In First

Yesterday, the Mets blew an early lead. They wouldn’t do that today. It all started with Jeff McNeil leading the game off with a homer off Tyler Chatwood.

Later that inning, Wilson Ramos homered to give the Mets an early 3-0 lead.

The only run the Cubs would score off Michael Wacha would be an Anthony Rizzo fifth inning homer. At that point it was, 4-1 Mets with Pete Alonso hitting a third inning homer.

The Mets would also get runs off a wild pitch and error as well an RBI from Brandon Nimmo in this 7-2 Mets victory.