Mets Control Their Destiny

The New York Mets losing two out of three to the Washington Nationals is unacceptable at any point of the season. That goes double in September.

Even more troubling was Max Scherzer leaving a game seemingly aggravating an injury. Trevor May also hit the IL worsening an already questionable bullpen.

The Mets stopped hitting, which is all the more problematic when they faced Patrick Corbin and Erick Fedde. Just like that, the Atlanta Braves, who seemingly never lose, shaved two games off the Mets division lead.

If we’re being honest, this does feel a bit like 2007. The Mets pitching was getting nicked up late in the season, the bullpen was incomplete, and the Mets completely fell apart even while facing far inferior competition.

Of course, this is a feeling born out of disastrous seasons of yore. That said, this is a new era with a different team. Mostly, this team is a near lock to make the postseason.

Right now, this is about winning the division. With that comes home field until the NLCS and whatever perks come in Manfred’s sensationalist and failing ways to drive interest to the sport and its postseason.

The good news is the Mets absolutely control their fate. That’s not only because the Mets still have a lead in the division, but it’s also because of their schedule to finish the season:

  • 3 at Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 3 at Miami Marlins
  • 4 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 3 at Milwaukee Brewers
  • 3 at Oakland Athletics
  • 2 vs. Miami Marlins
  • 3 at Atlanta Braves
  • 3 vs. Washington Nationals

With the Pirates, Marlins, Athletics, and Nationals, that’s 18 games out of the Mets remaining 24 games against teams on pace to lose 94+ games. The Pirates, Athletics, and Nationals are on pace to lose over 100 games.

That leaves six games against teams with a winning record.

Since the trade deadline, when the first place Brewers traded Josh Hader, that team has gone 13-17. As a result, they’ve dropped out of first, and they’re 2.5 games back of a Wild Card spot.

As for the Braves, well, they’re defending World Series champs. However, despite taking the last series from the Mets, the Mets lead the season series 9-7. It should also be noted the Braves are 27-30 against teams with a winning record.

When you break it all down, the Mets finishing schedule could not be more favorable. In the end, all they have to do is take care of business. If they do that, they’ll win the division and be on a trajectory towards winning the World Series.