Mets Fans Shouldn’t Boo George Springer

In the opener of the series between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets, Mets fans let George Springer absolutely have it. Certainly, it was a curious attack.

Mets fans, or at least a significant portion of them, purport to hate the New York Yankees. Springer was actually one of the driving reasons why helping the Houston Astros beat the Yankees in the 2017 and 2019 ALCS.

It’s difficult to believe it’s over Springer signing with Toronto. After all, he hasn’t had a good year, and the Mets are in first place. He’s also in the other league.

If reports are to be believed, Steve Gelbs said during the telecast it was over the Astros cheating scandal. If so, that’s just lame.

First and foremost, that didn’t stop a very good potion of Mets fans from wanting Springer this offseason. Mostly, Mets fans have already established they didn’t care when they opted to ignore J.D. Davis‘ part in the scandal.

Yes, we all know the litany of excuses. All of them apply to Tony Kemp as well, but he refused to take part. Instead, Davis took part, and he lied about taking part until he could no longer.

This is just one of those things where you either care, or you don’t. If you’re bothered by it, be bothered by it when your player took part. Don’t draw lines on when it is and isn’t acceptable just because someone had an unsustainably hot second half in 2019.

In the end, fans can and will do what they want. By all means, go ahead and boo Springer. After all, he’s the opposition. That said, with respect to what happened in Houston, he’s far from the only player involved.