Steve Cohen’s First Day To-Do List

With reports the sale of the New York Mets being finalized, and with free agency having already begun, Steve Cohen has to hit the ground running. In light of that, here’s a helpful first day to-do list:

1. Have security escort Jeff Wilpon from the building.

2. Officially announce Sandy Alderson re-joining the Mets.

3. Sit down with Brodie Van Wagenen to have him explain trading Jarred Kelenic and making moves to obtain former clients like Jed Lowrie and Michael Wacha.

4. Fire Van Wagenen.

5. Call the agents for Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and Noah Syndergaard to find out the parameters for a potential extension.

6. Call Indians and ask for initial asking price on Francisco Lindor and what pitchers they’d be willing to trade.

7. Have security do a sweep of the building up ensure Wilpon and Van Wagenen have vacated the premises.

8. Give a big raise to all the scouts and front office personnel who handle the draft.

9. Talk with media about plans going forward and to send message out to fans about this being a new era of competitiveness in all areas and accountability.

10. Order Shake Shack and enjoy a first day well done.

4 thoughts on “Steve Cohen’s First Day To-Do List”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Lol….Cohen gives no fux over Kelenic. He doesn’t have to live on cheap youngsters like a small time franchise. Adjust your reality.

  2. Mets Daddy says:

    I know you think it was a great trade, but everyone else thinks much differently. Moreover, people know developing young talent is the best way to build a sustained winner.

    1. oldbackstop says:

      You debate like a child. “Everybody knows” “moreover people know..”

      Wake up. It’s going on 2021. Explain how the minor leagues will have changed next year? The handful offarm teams remaing for each franchise aren’t going to have five year petri dish experiments.

      Do you read any news?

      Maybe Kelenic will be great. But he has never even played a AAA game, and not many at AA. I’ll take a young proven All Star talent like Diaz over an A baller every day. Kelenic is a black box at the MLB level, and you have him as Mike Trout. You scream and mourn over every farmer we unload.

      Give us an update on the three we traded for JD. Boy you were upset!! Are any of them still in baseball?

      1. Mets Daddy says:

        I’m going to take it easy on you since you are clearly on mourning with Jeff and BVW gone. Hopefully, the Mets being run competently will help you get through this.

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