Mets Fans Are Thankful For Steve Cohen

After nearly 20 years of the Wilpons, Mets fans finally have an owner who gets it. Steve Cohen is one of us, and just like us, he wants the Mets to win.

Instead of building an homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers, he’s bringing back Old Timers Day.

Instead of letting rumors fester and worsen, he and Sandy Alderson called a press conference to address the status of the team.

Instead of shopping for a group of ill fitting and cheap free agents, the Mets are looking at the top of the free agent and trade markets.

Instead of a former agent miscast as a GM, Sandy Alderson, a baseball legend in his own right, is in charge.

Instead of being laughingstocks, the Mets are now feared and respected.

So, this Thanksgiving, Mets fans are mostly thankful for Steve Cohen as he embarks on an era of Mets baseball which we all help will rival (or better yet surpass) the Nelson Doubleday/Frank Cashen led Mets teams.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Mets Fans Are Thankful For Steve Cohen”

  1. oldbackstop says:

    Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, MD!

    We don’t always agree but…..


    Hey, I got that far 🙂

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