Wilmer Flores Almost Ends Mets Postseason Hopes

As the day progressed, the rained out New York Mets hopes of making the postseason lied in only one scenario. They had to win out while the San Francisco Giants were swept by the San Diego Padres.

The Padres are a very good team, so it was at least possible. With the Padres up 3-2 entering the sixth inning of the seven inning game (thanks again Manfred), there was increasing hope. That hope seemingly vanished when Wilmer Flores stepped to the plate:

This should infuriate every Mets fan.

Flores was a fan favorite and productive bench player who wanted to be a Met. Instead of looking to keep him around, the Mets non-tendered him and made up an arthritic condition he didn’t actually have.

Worse yet, Flores has been more productive than any player Brodie Van Wagenen has brought into the Mets organization. That includes Jed Lowrie who actually did have a knee issue.

They tried to replace him too by trading for J.D. Davis who was actually a significantly worse defender than even what they made Flores out to be.

Overall, the Mets would’ve been much better off with Flores. That’s not only because he was better than every single Brodie Van Wagenen alternative. It’s also because Flores wouldn’t have been in San Francisco trying to end the Mets season.

Fortunately for the Mets, Trent Grisham hit a seventh inning walk-off homer for the Padres (in San Francisco) to give the Padres a 6-5 victory and to keep the Mets hopes alive.

Tomorrow, the Mets will have to win two games while hoping Flores doesn’t have any more magic in his bat. Whatever the end result, we’re not too far away from Jeff Wilpon and Van Wagenen making stupid decisions that has Flores in San Francisco with worse options on the Mets roster.

4 thoughts on “Wilmer Flores Almost Ends Mets Postseason Hopes”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Wilmer started three games at 3rd this year and had 2 errors and a .732% fielding percentage. Last year his fielding percentage at third was .832.

    Those are roughly what I would have. He is not an option for third now, if he ever was.

    You have second, where we have a bunch of guys eligible like McNeil, Cano, Gimenez, Guillorme.

    You have first where he would have to bench Alonso or Smith.

    I like Wilmer. I’m glad to see him do well. I was glad to see him do well last year on the half a season’s at bats. But he doesn’t have a place here.

    And your tin foil grade school statements that the Mets fabricated a knee injury because they wanted to smear Wilmer is just Despicable You. You should take the winter off and figure an approach that doesn’t make you look like an attention-starved adolescent yelling anything likely to shock and get himself attention.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Wilmer is a better 3B by DRS and OAA than JD, which just highlights how awful JD is

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Wilmer had a .778 Fielding percentage last year a .832 the year before and didnt play there the year before.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          What does it look like in 1970?

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