Shame On Brodie Van Wagenen And Wilpons For Not Publicly Supporting Dominic Smith

After last night’s game, Dominic Smith was moved to tears speaking about his pain and fears. He was raw, emotional, and honest. It moved many people. It led Mets fans to go out and buy his jersey and support his foundation.

We also saw former Mets players like Paul Lo Duca speak to how moved they were by hearing Smith’s words.

Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen? Well, he’s been silent. He has had no quotes for the published articles on the moment. He also has sent no tweets

Remember, this was the same man who had been caught illegally texting game decisions to the clubhouse. Van Wagenen can reach his phone to text for his manager to make a pitching change, but he can’t reach his phone to send a tweet in support of one of his players who was clearly in pain.

The same goes for the Wilpons. They’ve been silent. This is still their organization, and there’s been no press release or quote in support of Smith.

Remember, they were the ones who once silenced Carlos Delgado‘s protests and trashed Mets players like Carlos Beltran and David Wright to the New Yorker.

Dominic Smith clearly felt all alone yesterday, and it caused him pain. That was a time for Van Wagenen and the Wilpons to come out and publicly support him. They opted not to do so.

Dominic Smith deserved better than that from them. We all do.

Just make this the latest exhibit in a very long line as to why we’re all counting down the days until the Wilpons are gone. This is another example why Van Wagenen needs to follow them out the door.

17 thoughts on “Shame On Brodie Van Wagenen And Wilpons For Not Publicly Supporting Dominic Smith”

  1. Dr.Hyperion says:

    I love Dom, but B.L.M. is a Marxist terrorist organization that is not at all about civil rights. It has no purpose other than to violently tear down America, just like Antifa. I would never kneel in support of either of them.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      Was that from a form letter? Why don’t you actually watch what Dom said and have an honest response?

  2. Ian says:

    Support him for what? Committing to a knee-jerk reaction (Albeit, peaceful compared to rioting) before getting all of the facts of an incident? He’s kneeling for a man who was resisting arrest. A man who was resisting arrest and heading to the driver’s side of his vehicle (After being tased, mind you) with his children inside where he admitted to having a knife in his possession. Did I mention that he had his children in the vehicle? Support Dom Smith for a knee-jerk reaction like those in Minneapolis who felt it was necessary to start looting (Again) after a homicide suspect was cornered by police and shot himself (Apparently, facts didn’t matter at all, there. Everyone just figured it had to be the police, but who needs the truth, right?)?

    Support Dom Smith for the knee-jerk reaction akin to the destruction of property and devestation across the entire country, including labeling police officers as murderers who are out to kill black people after an older gentleman with heart problems who was high and out of his mind on fentanyl and methamphetamine with a rap sheet a mile long was resisting arrest? I think anyone would have a panic attack if they knew they were heading back to prison for using counterfeit money.

    You know who Dom Smith should be shedding tears for? All of the children across this country who died or were hospitalized this summer from shootings in the bricks because they had the misfortune of being caught in the middle of gang warfare. That’s who I cry for.

    I dislike the Wilpons and that tool-bag Van Wagenen as much as anyone. Dom Smith can go pound salt.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      Shut up moron

      1. Ian says:

        You’re an as*hole that can’t handle criticism. You are a weak individual.

        1. Mets Daddy says:

          This is all your response to a player sharing his pain and fears.

          I’d ask you to be better, but I think it’s a lost cause.

          1. Ian says:

            I really don’t want to hear that crap. I grew up in a close-knit, interracial family. From the time I was an infant I grew up with my cousins, my aunt and my uncle. During summer, if I wasn’t in camp I’d spend time at my Aunt Willamina’s in the city of Poughkeepsie. My sister and I were basically the only two white kids within a 1 mile radius. I’m not being insensitive to this issue, and I am not downplaying racism. I’m pointing out the stupidity of someone’s reaction to something before waiting for the facts.

            But according to you, this only has to do with him. A black man is paralyzed after resisting arrest while attempting to get into a car where he not only had a knife but also his children inside. So, we now have to listen to Smith talk about his own experiences with racial profiling? The entire situation has nothing to do with racial profiling. Nothing at all. I’m sorry, but this is stupid. Innocent people have had their lives and their properties destroyed because no one wanted to wait for the facts before reacting. I still maintain that it’s pathetic that news of children dying from the result of crossfire resilting from gang warfare do not evoke the same emotions. It sure as hell made me cry.

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