Why Bother With 2020 Season When It Means Manfred Gets To Ruin Baseball?

As previously noted, Rob Manfred has been using the COVID19 pandemic to push his agenda. That has included eliminating minor league teams, a universal DH, radical realignment, and an expanded postseason.

People will say it’s only due to the pandemic, but Manfred is pushing for these things to take place over the following two seasons. With these things transpiring for two years, it’s hard to imagine going back, especially with this commissioner.

Now, it’s looks like Manfred is going to go too far. He’s now pushing his extra inning plan. Years ago, he eased off when there was pushback, and he instead implemented it in the minors. Now, there’s not as much pushback.

Make no mistake here, Manfred is using this pandemic to push forward all of his moronic plans for the game. When people were paying attention, he was shouted down by everyone. Now, when everyone is focused on a pandemic, Manfred is pushing forward unchecked.

There may soon be advertising on jerseys as well. Well, there will be past the Nike swoosh if and when they can ever play again. Of course, with the numbers exploding in Florida and Arizona, and the Phillies dealing with a coronavirus outbreak, you wonder if they’ll actually play in 2020.

Considering what Manfred is doing to the game, you have to question whether it’s actually worth playing? While we’re at it let’s find new “B” words for MLB because when Manfred is done fundamentally changing the game it’s not going to represent baseball anymore.