2000 Game Recap: Robin Ventura Imitates Mike Piazza During Rain Delay

Well, the finale of the Subway Series was rained out to be scheduled for another time. However, that does not mean there was no entertainment on the field. Mets third baseman Robin Ventura pulled a page out of Bobby Valentine‘s book with the eye black disguise, and he went out there and entertained the crowd with his own Mike Piazza impersonation:

While everyone was at the top step laughing and was in on the joke, Michael Kay was fooled and was killing Piazza. Just a reminder of how lucky we are to have Bob Murphy and Gary Cohen to call Mets games.

Editor’s Note: With there being no games to begin the season, this site will follow the 2000 season and post recaps as if those games happened in real time. If nothing else, it is better to remember this pennant winning season and revisit some of the overlooked games than it is to dwell on the complete lack of baseball.