Dominic Smith, Catcher?

Right now, players are finding ways to work out to stay in shape in the event baseball is played in 2020. For Marcus Stroman that means going out into the street and pitching to Dominic Smith.

What is interesting with Smith is this isn’t his first foray into catching. In fact, Smith told Michael Mayer of MMN he caught in high school. As seen above, he hasn’t completely given up on it as he was slated as the Mets emergency catcher in 2019. Overall, reviews of his limited work behind the plate are somewhat positive.

Looking at 2021 and beyond, Wilson Ramos is going to be a free agent, and Smith is a player who is blocked from playing his everyday position of first base by Pete Alonso. Seeing him catching Stroman, being an emergency catcher last year, and the positive reviews of his limited work back there, you do wonder if the Mets should try to move Smith behind the plate.

Before addressing the point in full, as noted by The Hardball Times, Jack Clements is the only left-handed catcher in Major League history to catch at least 1,000 Major League games. His last game was in 1900. To that end, you could consider him the only true left-handed catcher in Major League history, and he played in the Dead Ball Era.

There have really been a handful of left-handed catchers in Major League history (14 in total) with Benny Distefano being the last one to appear in a game. What is somewhat interesting about that is he played first base and the outfield from 1984-1988 before he was permitted to catch three games in 1989, which was a function of his preparing to be an emergency catcher. More interesting than that was the fact he didn’t catch in his professional career before those three games.

With his limited experience, Distefano noted the issues for a left-handed catcher were bunt plays towards third base as well as applying tags at the plate. (New York Times). The Hardball Times addressed this in their article, and they noted there is a slight issue with it, but they also noted a left-handed catcher would not have the same issues with a right-handed batter the right-handed catcher would.

The bigger issue is getting the tag down, which The Hardball Times confirms. On both issues, it was noted it is such a small part of the catcher’s duties it likely would not have a real impact on the game. That is all the more so when you consider the advantages a left-handed catcher would have including fielding plays right in front of the plate and catching breaking pitches from right-handed pitchers.

In total, at least in theory, there would be no real discernible difference between right and left handed catchers other than the fact seeing a left-handed catcher would look strange. In the end, it is not like a left-handed shortstop or third baseman where playing the position is an impossibility.

Seeing how it could happen, we revisit the question of whether the Mets should look to move Smith behind the plate.

Certainly, it helps he already has some experience in terms of high school, preparing to be an emergency catcher, and now catching Stroman. Being a first baseman, he is accustomed to the bunt plays towards third and making the left-handed throw to third base.

We know he has the agility to do it between his first base and left field experience. In terms of left field, we know he has the ability and willingness to learn a new position if it means helping out the team. Overall, he has shown himself to be a team first person, who may prove willing to do this. That may prove to be all the more the case if it meant a regular position for him.

In terms of the Mets, Ramos has a $10 million option for 2021 which may or may not be picked up. Tomas Nido is a defensive back-up with no remaining options. Ali Sanchez may be nothing more than a better defender and possible a worse hitter than Nido. The shot in the dark is Patrick Mazeika who is still just a part-time catcher in the minors.

Really, from an organizational standpoint, the Mets are exactly the team who should experiment with this. After all, Smith is an everyday caliber player, and he has the experience. More than that, he has nothing to do now but work out on his own and to meet up with Stroman to catch him.

The more he catches Stroman, the better prepared for the transition he will be. Speaking of Stroman, Jose Bautista working out with him led to his getting work outs to try to return to the Majors as a pitcher. At the end of the day, there isn’t much reason not to at least see if this could happen.


8 thoughts on “Dominic Smith, Catcher?”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Sure, Bautista pitching to Dom Smith, who will retrain his legs and avoid the scooter all year.

    You idea of batteries should be neurological.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You should try thinking of points which makes sense

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    He is lefty, almost 25, has a bad body, and you want to send him to the minors for two years where he will be killed by actual prospects throwing with a lot more velocity and movement than his homies at Vallero Serra High school.

    Best case scenario, he emerges in two years, after clogging up our minor league catching pipeline, as a mediocre 27 year old lefthanded catcher.

    Any other examples of a player who converted after six years to catcher and played a single game in major league ball? Any examples of a lefty of any age who converted to catcher as a pro and played in a single major league game?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I knew this was going to be a nonsense reply when you made the outright false claim he has a bad body.

  3. Oldbackstop says:

    PS. How many things are wrong with that video? He is playing catch. That means exchanging a baseball with all the people who have recently touched it. If Stroman has asymptomatic Covid, good chance Smith has it too, and vice versa. But I know you don’t get this since you wanted balls signed and given to children.

    Secondly, he has no gear on. If I was to assign a risk of serious injury to an activity, I would say basketball 4, motocross 6, wild boar fleeing 8, catching a major league pitcher without gear, 10.

    Thirdly, he is, never mind no gear, barefoot. So that late breaking curveball he misses shatters all those cute little bones on your instep that make your foot work, and gives him a rehab that will make Yo-C’s look like 30 days poolside at Betty Ford.

    The Mets want to stop someone’s paycheck, start with this moron.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I see we’re back to trolling and lying.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Your entire blog is a collection of click bait idiocy

        1. metsdaddy says:

          As expected, you continued with the behavior

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