Yoenis Cespedes’ Decision To Shun Media Quickly Justified

When we saw the Yoenis Cespedes personal hype video perhaps we should have anticipated a media stand-off. Watching the video again, we see Cespedes’ working towards a comeback with negative media comments, mostly from Andy Martino.

As an aside, this isn’t too far from the similar issues with Noah Syndergaard and SNY wherein Syndergaard sarcastically said they were trying to trade him. This goes to the bizarre relationship between the Mets players and the team owned station and MLB owned sites covering them.

At times, the coverage seems unfair. That seems universal across all media outlets when you see how the New York media at times seems to go out of their way to mock the Mets players.

For example, there were the headlines and back pages mocking a serious Matt Harvey medical issue. To a certain extent, while beyond the pale, it wasn’t too surprising considering the sometimes adversarial relationship between the two.

If that was adversarial, we may need to find a new word for Cespedes, who is outright refusing to speak to the media this year. For his part, you understand.

Cespedes was oft criticized for his effort, and it was blown up to be more than his hustle. There were inferences you can’t pay him because he won’t play hard and/or he will be a distraction.

As we found out, the issue was his heels. He needed surgery on both, but like Mets before him, like Pedro Martinez, he was pushed into playing. Noticeably, you didn’t see criticism come crashing down on the Wilpons for this.

You also don’t see it for their own media freeze outs. But when, Cespedes does it, Anthony DiComo comes rushing in to make Cespedes decision seem like the right one:

It should be noted this isn’t DiComo’s first offense. Likely won’t be his last. When he turns his dagger towards the Wilpons, at least in this nature, will be his first.

When you see responses like this, you move from saying Cespedes needs to handle this part of the job like a professional to saying maybe Cespedes is right here. Maybe, some people owe him an apology and fairer reporting.


Whatever the case, some of the reporting and inferences about Cespedes has been biased and unfair. Now, he’s taking matters into his own hands. Tweets like the ones from DiComo show us all his decision was at least justified.

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  1. LongTimeFan1 says:

    Cespedes yet again proves to be his own island even now coming back after extensive absence including breaking the terms of his contract that caused him to miss all of 2019.

    Now instead of being grateful for returning, he chooses again self first, ahead of the good vibes and chemistry of the team with everyone pulling from the same rope but Yoenis.

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    Was it ever determined whether Cespedes immediately came clean about how he shattered his right ankle to his pal BVW, why he floated the whole ‘stepped in a hole’ BS, whether he was honest with attornies looking in to whether he had violated his contract?

    Maybe he has a really, really, really good reason to not want to take questions from reporters.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Cespedes told the full story at the outset

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Not sure why the published accounts are funny

          1. Oldbackstop says:

            I assumed you were being sarcastic.

            And when was the exact first time you heard “boar” attached to all this BS? Maybe…nine months it took a’birthing?

            You do realize what was at stake in getting his story just right? Threading a needle between insurance and the Mets contract?

          2. Oldbackstop says:

            Exactly. You heard about the “boar” BS in January 2020, with an injury that happened seven months before.

          3. metsdaddy says:

            Cespedes told the Mets immediately

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Sports Illustrated makes the same point I’m making about how Cespedes can’t come clean with an honest media sitdown:

        So now he does a Steve Carlton all year, freezing reporters, inevitably spurring weekly stories about it from miffed reporters.

        And why? The litigation on all this may not be over.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          It’s a terrible point which was poorly reasoned

          1. Oldbackstop says:

            It is excellent reporting that blows your “the media are meanies” absurdity out of the water.

            You are as likely to get an interview with Jussie Smollett as with Yo-Ces, and for the same reason — they are covering up a great big lie.

          2. metsdaddy says:

            That SI article was poorly reasoned with no evidence to support its claim. It’s the exact reason why people are so down on the site lately.

  3. Oldbackstop says:

    Cespedes doesn’t want to answer media questions about his boar attack. Probably because that story is a pile of boar crap, and he was actually riding a horse, a more egregious violation of his contract/rehab.

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      Whether he told the Mets about it being a boar attack or not is a whole different question, and based on BVW’s early parsed stilted statements he didn’t. There was a whole summer of stepped in a hole jokes without t hff e boar punchline. The MEDIA wasn’t told about this super cool story, and it left the entire fan base in the blind about the contract situation and 2020. Some “analysts” looked like fools.

      So, yeah, any journalist worth his salt who is granted an interview with Ces is going to want to get the boar story and insurance and contract renegotiation story in detail for an hour.

      And Ces won’t do that.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        Fact is, Cespedes told the Mets the truth immediately. What the Mets did, they did.

        1. Oldbackstop says:

          When did he tell the boar story to the Mets, and how do you know that? BVW was making regular comments and didn’t say anything about that for seven months.

          1. metsdaddy says:

            As noted, he told the Mets immediately after it happened

          2. Oldbackstop says:

            Citation? And even if he did, why did the Mets repeat the stepped in a hole story until December.

            Are you protecting BVW?

            The media will still have a blood lust for Yo, for the whole truth, and that is what he is hiding from.

            And he can’t hide, he’ll start getting fined. You have to talk to the media.

          3. metsdaddy says:

            I literally provided the article saying he reported it all immediately. Since you ignored it, I’ll do it again here.


          4. Oldbackstop says:

            Oh wait…are these you Secret Sources?

          5. metsdaddy says:

            No, I cited an article which you ignored

          6. metsdaddy says:

            Trolling again I see

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