Mets Blogger Roundtable: Steve Cohen New Mets Owner

In one day, we saw Brandon Nimmo play Santa Claus, Zack Wheeler sign with the Philadelphia Phillies, and Steve Cohen agree in principle to purchase 80% of the New York Mets. It was a mercurial day for Mets fans with many having a range of emotion. Here are some as presented in our latest Mets Blogger Roundtable:

James Schapiro (Shea Bridge Report)

I’m sort of in a state of suspended euphoria, because I’m scared that the whole thing will somehow fall apart. I can’t even think of an analogy because it’s such a unique situation…but either way, it’s momentous. If it does fall apart, though…it’ll be a fun day on Twitter.

Bre (That Mets Chick)

The Wilpons selling the team is the best thing to happen to the Mets since they last won the World Series. The Wilpons were the sole reason for the Mets failure. They meddled too much with the team and didn’t try to make the team better post the Bernie Madoff scandal. Their presence brought a negative vibe to this team. If 2025 season tickets were released now I’d buy them in a heart beat. Things are going to change for the Mets once the Wilpons are gone.

Greg Prince (Faith and Fear in Flushing)

I just want to go through life as a Mets fan not hyperconscious of who owns the team every time a potentially helpful free agent comes on the market.

James Schapiro

It just occurred to me that if things work out, Steve Cohen will take control just in time to give JD Davis a contract that makes him a Met for life

Mike (Brooklyn Trolley Dodger)

Idea of a Brooklyn kid who played HS baseball in my neighborhood, and a family run club, should have been a better story. They instead engineered own demise.

Metstradamus (Metstradmus Blog)

I’ll be happy when the Wilpons are officially off the payroll and exiled to a remote island near the Indian Ocean to spend their remaining days with the crabs and the lizards.

Roberto Correa (MMN)

For the team to be bought out by a guy who has spent more on one work of art than the entirety of our largest contract wows me. My only concern is how involved he’ll be, and in what direction will the FO move with him signing the checks.

Tim Ryder (MMO, Simply Amazin)

Despite the reported delay in taking over an overwhelming majority of the Mets, Steve Cohen’s increased input, capital, and desire to succeed make this an extremely exciting development. After a decade of dormancy via the Wilpons with regards to their unacceptable level of commitment to winning, any change of wind is a breath of fresh air.

Mark Healey (Gotham Baseball)

They have wiggled out before, I’ll buy it when it actually happens.

Joe Maracic (Joe Art Studio)

Wilpons are just like everyone else and want to be liked. Never doubted they didn’t want to win, just that they didn’t have the money and made some bad decisions. They have 5 years (hopefully with money now) to take the Mets to the next level, and maybe change public perception.

Corne Hogeveen

I wasn’t a notorious Wilpon hater like we saw a lot by Mets fans. The Mets payrol last couple of years wasn’t as bad a many would believe. Yes, it could definitely me higher but not being a NYer, I was never attached to the “we are NY so we need to spend”. That being said, getting an owner with loads of money to spend is a good thing for the future. Just don’t spend it stupid, still spend it wise.

Mets Daddy

This is the day Mets fans had been hoping to see while believing it would never happen. Suddenly, we don’t have to lament when players like Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto leave in free agency like the way Wheeler just did. Now, we can hope they stay, and if they don’t we may trust there is a plan in place.

With Jeff Wilpon being removed from power at some point in the future, we may no longer see Pedro Martinez‘s career being shortened or fights over career saving surgeries like the one Carlos Beltran had. Now, everything can be different.

With news of the sale, Christmas has come early. So yes, Virginia. There is a Nimmo Claus.

The Wilpons selling the team is not the only gift for Mets fans. The work of the people who contributed to this roundtable is also one as well, and they provide terrific content year round. Please visit their sites.


One thought on “Mets Blogger Roundtable: Steve Cohen New Mets Owner”

  1. LongTimeFan1 says:

    I’m neither a Wilpon lover or hater, and take a measured, middle view here as some of those in this roundtable have opined.

    I’ve never believed the Wilpons don’t want to win; never believed we ought to have the highest payroll or thereabouts because we’re big market; a deal isn’t a deal with Cohen or anyone else until it actually is including MLB and 75% of owners’ approval; and I don’t think Jeff’s meddling is as a big a problem as some make it out to be.

    I think every owner who is true baseball fan wants to be involved. To what extent our potential new majority owner – a lifelong Mets fan – will or won’t be, remains to be seen.

    That said, if Cohen deal materializes, I’m excited for the increased opportunity his very deep pockets could provide such as locking up more young players on roster, and free agents, as long as those decisions make good baseball sense and don’t hamper the team down the road. I expect Cohen to be involved in franchise direction, approval of big ticket items and perhaps some operational plans. If he stays away from the day to day baseball things Jeff Wilpon is allegedly involved, that would be a good thing.

    I thank all roundtable contributors here for taking the time to opine.

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