Mets Still Have Fight

Say what you want about these Mets, but they have fight.

After yet another brutal loss, they jump out to a 1-0 lead with a Michael Conforto RBI double scoring Jeff McNeil, who had a four hit night.

Noah Syndergaard would struggle over five walking three and giving up two homers. Of course, one was hit by Jay Bruce.

The Mets were down 3-1 and responded with a McNeil RBI single in the second. They’d fall behind 4-2, and Dominic Smith would hit an RBI double in the third.

It would be 4-3 with one out in the bottom of the fifth. That’s when Jake Arrieta would hit Todd Frazier. Frazier was hopping mad over it to the point he’d get tossed and the umpires would issue warnings.

After Smith hit his second double, Arrieta plunked Amed Rosario to load the bases. When Arrieta wasn’t ejected, Mickey Callaway argued and was then ejected. Of note here, Arrieta had hit three batters all year entering tonight, and he would double that total.

No, it wouldn’t be the umpire who knocked Arrieta out of the game. It would be Tomas Nido with a three run double giving the Mets a 6-4 lead.

From there, Justin Wilson, Robert Gsellman, Steven Matz, and Seth Lugo combined to allow one run over three innings.

It wasn’t easy. In the seventh, Gsellman hit Jean Segura and wasn’t tossed. This led to Matz coming into the game. He allowed two hits scoring an inherited run before getting Bruce out to end the inning.

Cesar Hernandez led off the eighth with an infield single, and Seth Lugo relieved Matz. This would look more like the Lugo we’re accustomed to seeing. He ended the rally and preserved the 6-5 lead.

Although the Phillies hit the ball hard off Edwin Diaz, he still recorded the save. It’s a positive step, and finally, it’s a win. Even better, the Mets can enter the Break with a series win if they can pull it out tomorrow.

Game Notes: Speaking of having fight, reports indicate Van Wagenen threw a chair while berating Callaway and the rest of the Mets coaching staff after yesterday’s loss.

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  1. Jeff’s Weaver says:

    I hope Noah can crack a smile now.
    Even if Arrieta was so so so so beatable….they did score runs.
    On the first HR to Bruce – Noah threw the ball exactly any the glove at 98.
    The reason why Noah went weight crazy three years ago…. supposedly they have either limited spin or movement.
    Can he put some tar in his cap bill and get a better grip for his slider?
    If I was a Callaway, I would have asked Noah if he wanted to stay in the game for one batter the next inning and throw it very inside.
    Todd Frazier charge the mound?
    Save KD Davis for later innings.
    Com looked much better but it was pedestrian right hand Arrieta.
    The Phillies are not winning the wild card with Arrieta on the team.
    Eat half of his salary and give him away to Detroit or back to Baltimore.
    If we trade Noah now, can we get a player with a plus plus pitch or a plus plus tool?

    1. Gothamist says:

      This team is watchable to the player who is always trying to better himself, who despite a sense of hopelessness in the pen, most leads unsafe, a closer who only gets pumped up for a save otherwise is complacent, a closer who needs to throw 99 to have a chance for he is a thrower not a pitcher. How do you feed off a closer who prefers not coming into a tied game?

      Hope that Amed learns to get better jumps for as a base stealer that would be great! WE will take 25 SBs?

      Hope that McNeil just continues with the occasional home run swing.
      Hope he hits .400!

      Hope that Dom Smith just stays within an easy swing.
      Can get to 20 HRs and 90 RBIS

      Hope that Alonso just lay off the junk in the dirt on one strike or less.
      45-50 a year 85-120 RBIS?

      Hope that Drew Smith, Steve Nogesck, Chris Flexen and maybe Tyler Bashlor can get the job done…. how has a plus or plus plus pitch?

      Hope Thomas Nido will be an all star catcher.
      Great improvement this year?

      Hope that Nimmo will have a pain free life….

      1. Corleone says:

        I feel sad.
        Ownership : Is hard enough to see them selling
        Braves: They are just getting started
        Mets : Just have so … very little on forty man after deGrom, McNeil, Alonso, Conforto, Nido and Rosario

        I do not want to look at the NL teams farm systems but it can not be something I would want to check

        However I hear that BVW has a great plan for player development.
        Are fans still coming to the ball park?

    2. metsdaddy says:

      In terms of trading Thor, you first need to determine if you want to contend next year.

      1. OldBackstop says:

        The Mets aren’t going to sit their with the reigning (newly extended) 31 year old Cy Young winner and the possible ROY/home run champ (Alonso), and possible batting champ (McNeil) and last years saves winner (Diaz)– all tied up for the next few years– and announce a tear down. They have too many guys on the roster next year who are recent All Stars or All Star caliber.

        They are a win now team, not year to yer, but by contracts and promise.

        You will see Trump quit before you would see Wilpon and Brodie throw in the cards.

        Besides, when would trading a starting pitcher of Noah’s stats constitute giving up on winning?

      2. Saul’s Colorist says:

        “Mets Have Fight” and the ‘’’’’Mets have Font’’’’
        Christian Pache on Braves = 5 tool outfielder x 3?
        Trade Noah to AZ w Greinke or LA w Kershaw?
        Noah will learn new pitches!

    3. Blair M. Schirmer says:

      fwiw Arrieta has a recurrence of the bone spur he had surgery for in 2011.

      6.63 ERA over his last 7 starts, iirc. Might as well get it over with.

  2. OldBackstop says:

    Oh….and if the Mets had “fight” in them Arrieta would have a black eye this AM.

    They get hit more than any other team for a reason….you wind up with what you put up with.

    1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

      As someone said, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
      I’d add, and what you’re willing to fight for.

      I was also going to write, it’s less that the Mets have fight than that Nido, their replacement level backup catcher, hit a rare xbh at just the right moment. The writers at the Post love their narratives because otherwise they’d have to admit that baseball is a set of defined talents generating largely random events within the ranges of that set. It’s like “clutch.” If players could really hit in the clutch, then why don’t they show that ostensible clutch talent all the time? Why are they being so lazy at other times?

      From the Post:
      “That’s not to say there isn’t some validity to Callaway’s projection. He pointed to J.D. Davis, Tomas Nido and Dominic Smith as players who can “carry” the organization. And while that might be a stretch, all have shown promise at times.”

      That would be funny if it wasn’t so painful–and so predictive. Callaway is pointing to three players who are ALL below replacement level for their careers, by bWAR. In the first case you have a player whose fielding swallows his hitting. In the second case you have the reverse, and in the third case a player who was among the worst in the league in his previous two seasons and who is succeeding in no small part due to an unsustainable BAbip and being spotted as a sub, and whose defense is still subpar. That’s 3 part-timers Callaway is looking to sell as being able to “carry” the organization, only one of whom has much chance of succeeding as a sub.

      1. Saul’s Colorist says:

        HOW MANY WS MVPs had low WARs but high dWARs?

        What the freak is Cano doing the outfield?
        Again, a sure out eventually scored… first at bat.

        Maybe I forgot but I remember Zach in second half last year throwing a slider to lefties inside, lower corner for strikes?

        Can anyone but deGrom do it on either side this year, with anything but a busted slider or a fastball that ends up at 93-94 (Font) down the middle for today for Bruce to essentially ends the game.

        McNeil will get his HRs but not at will but serendipitously- yet enough of them.
        He had two RISP and flew out both times and that an AllStar does not do…. get no one in or move it forward… too bad Cano has yet to teach him that by example.

        The Bravos specifically MARKAKIS and Freeman get that done.
        McNeil just got here so he gets a pass for sure.

        The pitch thrown at Conforto would have HURT!
        And Conforto would have done zero…

        I watch the dugout on a HR etc… Cano at top step, silent passion Conforto not only seldom is seen on camera in conversation or ever animated, seldom at the step on a HR but if hit… I expected nada and that is why they chose Conforto?

        They do not seem to want to fight nor pitch inside to establish that the full plate belongs to them. If other teams initiate HBP at least have as much…are they getting soft?

        Has there been an outfield assist lately? Compete next year w so few?

        I wish there were kids IN THE FARM or BENCH or LEGIT PROSPECTS via TRADE who are possible MLBers, specifically with speed, arm, high walks, low Ks are just obsessive about effort, self improvement or that is or defense.

        I mean if they traded guys POTENTIALLY not here next year (Lagares, Frazier, Ramos) … these kids will play this August and September?

        On Noah, unless he has a plus plus pitch then spotting the FB that means using it less, flat but really accurate I have big questions if he is the future of pivotally pitching six consistently..?

        Noah, game three 2015 WS vs KC but what willingness to even hit a batter or establish inside, even hitting unintentionally at 97-99…seriously ¿

        Is deGrom needing a four day holiday and reason he is not pitching Friday?

        I am sure that Ownership believes they get max salary relief and great prospects on trades…

        Who are the international bonus baby signings in the system¿
        Anyone coming soon¿

        1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

          If you meant the ball that bounded off the knee wall in RF foul territory, Cano was surprisingly alert and went into short RF when he saw the ball might not head into the main part of the OF. Good work, but not something a 2Bman should ever fail to do. Just part of the job description.

          Yeah, its been years since the Mets seemed other than passive wrt getting hit or bullied or pushed off the plate. Goes back at least as far as the Piazza years. There was also that game against LAD late last June where Nimmo got hit twice by Rich Hill, once badly and on the hand (Hill also hit Dom Smith), and Nimmo’s hitting went south for awhile immediately after. No retaliation by the Mets, iirc. I don’t take lightly the idea of throwing at a guy–after all, people’s health and livelihoods are at stake–but the same goes for your own players if other teams know there’s no price to be paid for throwing at them. You tend to put a target on your own players. I’m not surprised that it wasn’t a longtime Met in Font, who started hitting Phillies.

          Just checked the numbers and the Mets lead the NL in getting HBP, with their two best hitters Alonso and McNeil making up half of their total of 50. It was the same last season with Nimmo. Along with his OPS his HBPs soared, and the Mets did little to warn other teams against hitting their best hitters. Same this year. When Nola breaks Alonso’s hand on an inside pitch, is Mickey going to write a sternly worded letter to the Commissioner’s Office?

          It’s almost funny–almost–to see players the Mets jettisoned in the offseason as salary dumps both excelling for their new teams. When everyone was howling to dump Bruce I’m going to give myself a small pat on the back because I really did think he had distinct if not huge value as a 4th-5th OFer, particularly given how barren Syracuse was likely to be. Given his leg problems give him plenty of rest, figure on getting him into no more than 100 games, many as a late inning sub. Use him as a ph since he should still have some power left, and as a LHH with significant platoon splits he’d have real value off the bench, particularly since the Mets were going with two RHH CFers without much in the way of bats.

          Bruce has always been overrated by casual fans thanks to the HR and RBIzzz, but even at the end of his disastrous 2018 he probably still had some future value, especially on a team with only 3 OFers at that point, all of whom have had trouble staying on the field and productive. That the Mets thought he was done speaks volumes about their ability to evaluate players as did their dumping of Swarzak (who the Braves have figured out how to turn into peak Craig Kimbrel), and their picking up of Font who, like every pitcher it seems after he comes to the Mets, watches his FIP soar–currently 5.92 while giving up almost 2HR/9. What does Mickey tell these guys when he gets hold of them? “Let them hit the ball. Keep throwing sliders. They’ll bite some day”?

      2. Gothamist says:

        Building them up —That is exactly what Pat Riley did with the Knicks before trading a player.
        Nido is far more a possibility of a late inning hit than ANY catcher since Paul PEDason LaDuca. So Nido by next year, even as very adequate backup might offer Cespedes some companionship with Lagares (can not watch him anymore and not as excited of his throwing and do not see much demand this month), Cespedes already missing the parenting of Cabrera, humor of Flores and calming presence of Reyes. Gee, there is a void there… maybe Cano will befriend Cespedes (they warned of the long term contract he signed, but adding Jeff Wilpon’s bad karma the contract has been essentially worthless at $82.5 million for three years already finished — will they ask to convert tons Bobby Bonilla annuity )

        Cespedes will speak to non Oakland reporters in English after the idle two years since on his farm/estate ?

        Yet, there must be something of plus plus value with Callaway to get this far with all the dysfunction, controlled by non expert owners, not intelligent, flat organization chart types, other handicaps he faces we can list vs. managing say a St. Louis.

        Let us see what Callaway will do (why did Brody think reaming out the manager and coaches would be timely and correctly proportionable?) after Frazier and others [please Keep Wheeler] , JD Davis able to succeed in improving his Dee like Alonso, Rosario working on getting better leads and steal percentage if he is not ever going to be explosive on his jumps, Conforto’s throwing as he did at the futures game in 2015 and the bullpen just getting to some consistency better than Miami?

        I was curious of seeing Familia so early yesterday — multi inning before the break? Or Is Callaway / Regan pulling him from the eighth inning? This guy Wilson’s face would scare me.

        Are any of these pitchers capable of developing new pitches, good ones, consistently find zone weaknesses in players, remember how opposing managers pitched Cespedes anywhere should height?

        Saw Kelenic and Dunn, highly doubtful Kelenic will start next September at age 20.
        Anthony Kay Mets looked very sure of himself last night and Davidoff’s piece in the Post illuminated what seem’s like maturity and resilience. It sure would feel nice that next June at 25 he debuts.

        There was Davidoff’s throwing out the HR stat comparison 2018/2019 of AAA’s International League (Why did they ever call it international?)

        I want to believe that the baseball will be reconfigured next year.

        1. Fred’s Rugs says:

          Just what we need, Cespedes getting $2m a year into 2040.

          They have a cornucopia of second basemen in the system maybe one like Espinosa plays adequate third base this fall?

          Peterson, Nogosek, etc are doing quite well in AAA.

          Seems like Brody is not shy to move players back a level so Gimemez might be thriving at St Lucie soon.

          Let us hope that JD Davis, Cano, Conforto, Rosario, Familia, Matz have great second halves, and that the Wilson stays healthy etc….

  3. OldBackstop says:

    “””That would be funny if it wasn’t so painful–and so predictive. Callaway is pointing to three players who are ALL below replacement level for their careers, by bWAR.”””

    True, but dWAR can’t be relied on in season fragments, especially young guys bouncing around different positions. The margin of error way outreaches the scale. The founders talk about it all the time.

    If we want to address defense, there is one Sacred Cow to start with — Rosario. Hendy has shown what a glove could be doing there. Rosario should be transitioning to second in a perfect world.

    1. Brian Devine says:

      Let Joe Girardi decide?
      Yet, can Jeff Wilpon finally let go to the smarter guy?
      Can Jeff handle Girardi’s intensity?
      Can they Mets create a SS from someone at Syracuse?

    2. metsdaddy says:

      The main issue with the defense is positioning.

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