Boy The Mets Blew It Tonight

On Seinfeld Night, it’s only fitting this season, which has become about nothing, looks like a team run by Wilhelm.

The Mets had a 2-1 lead thanks to a Pete Alonso homer and RBI double. It wouldn’t last due to bad umpiring and the Mets bullpen.

Entering the top of the seventh, the only hit deGrom allowed was a homer to the first batter of the game Scott Kingery. After walking Rhys Hoskins to start the seventh, the second hit was a J.T. Realmuto double setting up second and third with no outs.

After a Jay Bruce groundout with the infield drawn in, Cesar Hernandez hit a slow roller to third. Todd Frazier did all he could do by going home. At first blush, Hoskins beat the Wilson Ramos tag. Upon further review, Hoskins didn’t touch the plate. Didn’t matter because the Mets lost a challenge earlier in the game:

We’ve seen plenty of times umpires initiate a crew chief review after being persuaded by a manager. Here, Mickey Callaway tried to get the review. In 99 times out of 100, there is a crew chief review, but on the night Brian Gorman was content with his incorrect and game alerting call.

The Mets entered the ninth tied 2-2. Edwin Diaz started the inning, yadda, yadda, yadda, Jeurys Familia came on and the Mets lost 7-2. Cue Kramer:

This game is like eating a Snickers bar with a fork. No one is around to take credit for this big salad. We can’t send Robinson Cano and Diaz back to the Mariners like an old man trying to send soup back in the deli. In this unspongeworthy season, each loss is real, and it’s spectacular.

Game Notes: Alonso set the Mets rookie record for most extra base hits surpassing Ty Wigginton. He also broke Jose Abreu‘s rookie record for most extra base hits in the first half. Mets are 16-30 over deGrom’s last 46 starts despite his having a 2.15 ERA.

4 thoughts on “Boy The Mets Blew It Tonight”

  1. Saul’s Colorist says:

    They blew nothing, this is the talent.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s a Seinfeld reference

  2. Gothamist says:

    I have rarely seen a batting order that seems mostly disconnected from who bats when bases are empty, late innings trailing and knowing the bullpen they have.
    It is like many times and that includes everyone, the results, the approaches say — my power stats are vital hit hard and hit it high.

    Then how many times does Conforto start at 0-2, game in, game out, what that says about his mental focus and more so mental preparation, is he confident that the foul balls, pitches called balls stream in afterward but how many of his strike outs have hard hit fly balls not so far from the foul lines and how many strike outs have two called strikes, how many first pitches are curves dead center on the plate, how many ABATS the next flip to a first pitch fastball, in his power zones that he can hit yet most times he does not recognize it or most times as predictable first pitches come his bat sits on his shoulder. When was the last time Conforto faced a very good pitcher and delivered a single or a double at any ABAT.

    This Dom Smith year is headed to misuse if not abuse of his confidence. Dom Smith’s arm is useless to get to a cut off man and his pinch hitting success is proving to be an alter ego just to get into the good graces of opinion. Though others produce squat in ABATS with men on base after the fifth Dom Smith looks less viable by ABATS for at what about of number of ABATS this year will his minuscule RBI become the first stat we look at for if Smith will not produce HRs above the average competitive team’s first baseman and now left fielders, if his RBIs become scarce who will even call to request a trade? Dom Smith is headed down to below .250 this year and maybe if he is very motivated to change able or capable to get 36 RBIs.

  3. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    “On Seinfeld Night…”

    —Strangely schizophrenic show. I think it was some time during the 4th season (3rd?) that the characters went from being reasonably humane and amusing, to sour and unwatchable. Reminds me of Sinatra. Nobody talks about it, but his voice in his first few years was golden. Then he lost it and had little beyond the schtick and the name.

    =We keep getting reminded that putting so many offseason eggs in the closer basket was absurd when there were many other holes to fill and guys like Ottavino were getting a modest 3/27m. The Mets actually spent more on Justin Wilson and Justin Lowrie than Ottavino got, and because they didn’t want to pay Ottavino 27m they picked up Cano’s 65m+ in order to get Edwin Diaz just prior to his arb years.

    Every angle you look at this from makes it that much more
    preposterous. This also looks like yet another instance of the Mets GM having to go into an offseason without a fixed maximum budget.

    It’s possible Wags didn’t know he’d have Lowrie+Wilson money ahead of making the Cano deal. It’s also possible Wags really is this bad. Either way it’s a team setting new highs for dysfunction, and a FO that now has a far more difficult challenge wrt the 2020 season than it did going into the 2018-2019 offseason. I’m not optimistic.

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