Congratulations Pete Alonso

One of the burdens for a first time dad is figuring out just how you can make your child a Mets fan. The Yankees have long owned New York, they win, and they always have the bigger stars. As a parent, you make do with what you have.

Back in 1983, that was Darryl Strawberry.

Strawberry was the biggest thing to happen to the Mets since seemingly Tom Seaver. He was the first overall pick of the 1980 draft, and he was hailed as the black Ted Williams. He’d be called up in 1983, and he’s actually live up to the hype that year.

Strawberry electrifying baseball and the Mets made selling the team easy to young impressionable baseball fans. The ensuing run for the team made it all the easier. While we talk about players like Dwight Gooden, Keith Hernandez, and Gary Carter, and justifiably so, Strawberry was the first to burst onto the scene and give everyone a glimpse into what would soon be.

Some of Strawberry’s Mets rookie records still stand today. That includes his 26 homers, which was 26 if his still team record 252 homers as a Met.

The latter still stands, but for who knows how long. In today’s 10-2 route over the Cubs, Pete Alonso hit his 26th homer of the season tying him with Strawberry atop the Mets all-time rookie leaderboard:

With 85 games remaining in the season, Alonso is not just assured to surpass Strawberry, he’s going to obliterate the record. In fact, Todd Hundley‘s and Carlos Beltran‘s Mets single season home run record (41) is in jeopardy.

Other records like Beltran’s and Howard Johnson‘s 80 extra base hits or Mike Piazza‘s .614 SLG may fall as well. Seeing how these power records are in jeopardy, you understand why Alonso’s at-bats have become must see TV. You have to stop to watch him hit because you don’t know what’ll happen next.

Combine that with his being a great teammate, and his doing fun Step Brothers spoofs with Jeff McNeil, you see how he and his epic home run blasts have made him a fan favorite. Much like Strawberry, you not only see how he provides hope for the future, but you also have a seminal figure who makes it cool to be a Mets fan, which is a relief to fathers everywhere.

So, with him hitting his 26th homer congratulations to tying a record which had stood for over 35 years and a record which exists for a franchise which is 57 years old. More than that, congratulations are in order for being a terrific ballplayer whose skills are only surpassed by being the teammate he is. Overall, congratulations to Alonso for being Alonso. As we see, that’s a very special thing to be.

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  1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    “Combine that with his being a great teammate, and his doing fun Step Brothers spoofs with Jeff McNeil,…”

    Had not seen these. Alonso has actual comic chops! And not just for a baseball player. His deadpan delivery combined with his size and slightly goofy face suggest a next career when his bat speed slows.

    Jeff McNeil, otoh, looks *exactly* like a baseball player trying to do comedy and not quite succeeding. I’m glad he can hit .330.

  2. Gothamist says:

    I was very concerned for those girls in the front row as Alonso surely was.
    The parents behind just bailed leaving the kids to fend for themselves.
    Then the girl gets hit and the section “concierge” runs to kids before the mothers!
    Alonso was very upset about it and really showed incredible character and compassion.

    Class act can be an act but a mensch is marching to his own heart!

  3. Kelenic‘s First MLB Start - Age 20 - 2020 says:

    Well, these two games have been nothing but inspiring.
    The bullpen focus on the kid from the Reed deal, Font, Pounders, Flexen has at least given me more confidence. Yet we do not have high confidence in the 8th with Lugo more of a two inning guy and with that not available game to game as the preferred guy.

    We got a very serious Cano problem that for the Wilpons will read in large print in the history books.

    The question is can you evaluate his skills as so seriously diminished — you can not afford to give him a roster spot — just work on a buyout.

    I would be ashamed to take the $96 over four here and show up in the uniform.
    For the Mets to give Cano the back end money that they Yankees said good bye quickly to negotiations and have to do a payout of the $72 and have him here doing squat?

    According to the comments below Familia and Cano were Brody clients.
    No way.

    Do not negotiate with ACES (Levinson Brothers) again!

    Yet there are many good comments here that MetsDaddy already spoke to:

    The Familia situation might improve but he got $30 and Kimbrel got $42.

    Yet, I would do a thorough evaluation on Cano ASAP and If skills are shot — he is very unlikely to train otherwise to salvage much at all.

    I see his second half of 2018 WAR as great but how much of that was his focus to show himself as fit without PEDS?

    Can he do whatever he did last spring to get himself ready…. AGAIN?

    It seems that he did not face many pitchers throwing heat and it shows he is waiting on some pitches waving at others and the DPs and HIGH LEVERAGE ABATS?
    Worst I have seen in a very long time….

    Buy him out?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets never buy anyone out, and I think on the topic of Familia, he eventually figures it out.

      1. Joan Payson Tribute says:

        Great piece on Alonso!

        I never read about Straw being anything like Ted Williams.

        Yet, you might have found that on the web or read it when you were younger?

        I was 22 when Strawberry came up.

        In fact there were two other #1 picks in 79, one being the other Billy Beane.

        Sad news…. Dipoto got Jesse Biddle and his five years of control for Swarzak. Atlanta took Vizcaino off their 40 man and the salaries almost washed.

        Jesse Biddle

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Here’s a really good 1984 SI article which references it

          1. Joan Payson Tribute says:

            Yes, I researched it – George Bamberger the pitching coach turned mgr. did say it.

            We knew pretty early that Straw — a product of Crenshaw — was not Mr. Discipline and focused like TW.

            Yet, in hindsight Straw was more like Mickey Rourke or Michael Sugar Ray Richardson.

    2. Jerry From Jericho says:

      With the Cano contract assumption they MUST pay Wheeler market.

      If Wheeler get a five year deal elsewhere, I get it.
      Yet Wheeler will take less to get five years here!
      No more bullshit about a four year deal being too much risk for a pitcher after this Cano deal.

      Yet we know it was about Cano stealing back covers of the Daily News.

      The Wilpons are NYC PR conscious SO HIRE THE BEST PR FIRMS!
      Instead of trades like these?!!!!


      Wheeler is Sandy’s trade but this has a homegrown feel.

      – Wheeler
      – Noah
      – Lugo
      – McNeil
      – Alonso
      – Conforto
      – Rosario
      – Nimmo
      – Smith
      – Nido
      – Flexen

      Who did I miss?

      1. metsdaddy says:

        On the PR point, Bloom was the perfect hire for how the Wilpons choose to run their team. Instead, they opted for the salesman.

        1. Joan Payson Tribute says:

          I knew an insurance man, Sol Siegel who sold Fred policies.
          I asked him back in the 1980s about Fred.

          “More like a disciplined saver who parlays thrift into the boring non dynamic bean counter craft of a niche real estate culture of accumulating prized properties.”

          I asked him about Fred, a self made man, about what was his claim to fame?

          “Ex athlete, highly likable, very organized, disciplined but not a rocket scientist.”

          Fred has clearly :

          – Not spent the beans on

          A) PR
          B) New York’s advertising genius Madison Avenue
          C) Any second city marketing prowess


          Definite not sabermetrics

          Yet after Fred let Jeff dump Sandy into the trash was clear that he would not let saber grow that much under the next GM.

          So instead of letting Bloom evaluate the farm, the previous picks, take a little time, triple down on saber….

          Fred chose to bring Cano in, to compete on the back covers of newspapers, do so with suspect speed and defense and suspect commitment to analytics and to dump Swarzak and Kelenic.

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