The Mets are really pushing Pete Alonso for the All Star Game. You can understand why. He was a sensation in April, he’s threatening Darryl Strawberry‘s Mets and Mark McGwire‘s MLB record for homers by a rookie. On top of that, he’s a fun player who has quickly become a fan favorite.

The problem with pushing Alonso is he shouldn’t be an All Star first baseman. Trailing Max Muncy, Freddie Freeman, and Josh Bell in WAR, and he’s tied with Anthony Rizzo. What may come as a shock is Alonso trails all but Muncy in wRC+.

Now, it’s not a travesty if Alonso makes it. In fact, he’s had a good enough season where his being named an All Star is more than merited. It would be good for him and baseball. Then again, there are more deserving candidates.

There are also more deserving Mets. Front and center is Michael Conforto.

Conforto is currently in the top six in WAR among outfielders meaning he should solidly be an All-Star. He’s also sixth in wRC+. Defensively, he’s just 16th in DRS, but that does qualify as fourth best among right fielders.

Overall, Conforto has been terrific this year, and looking at the numbers, he absolutely should be an All-Star. Considering his production and what he’s been for this team, there should be a push among fans and the team to elect him an All Star starter.

It’s not happening. Instead, the team is pushing Alonso and Jeff McNeil. As an aside, McNeil is very deserving as well. That said, neither McNeil nor Conforto are among the top nine. They should be. Perhaps, if the Mets and their fans cared to notice how good they’ve been they would be.

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  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Conforto has dozens of players ahead of him in ildtimey stats like homea and batting average. If you arw hitting .250, you better have 20 homers, not 12.

    Im oulling for him, he mifht be our best gut (if it conws down to one rep, it’ll probably be Jake, who will be 4-9 by then, 14-18 over the last two years.

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      Conforto is not in the top 20 in voting for NL outfielders (McNeil is in the second tier of that). Nine of them proceed to the starters election, and then the commisioners office and players voting fills out the squads. You can guess that the 6 that make the runoff will have a tremendous advantage there.

      I would say Conforto has 0.0 percent of making the All Star team.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        By the way, saying he is top six in WAR is fragile. WAR is acknowledegwd by all involved to be a hand grenade number with at least a full point of slack in it. Conforto is sixth at 1.9….behind him are 14 NL outfielders at 1.1 or better.

        Other more tactile numbers are much less discouraging.. for instance, Conforto is 20th in total bases among NL OFers.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          So, you’re going to take WAR, dismiss it, ignore the other offensive and defensive numbers, and use total bases?

          C’mon. Just admit you don’t like him and don’t want to see him make the team.

      2. metsdaddy says:

        You do realize fans don’t pick all of the All Stars, right?

        Just because he’s not in the top 20 voting, it does not mean he is not permitted to be named an All Star

        1. Oldbackstop says:

          MD: “You do realize fans don’t pick all of the All Stars, right? because he’s not in the top 20 voting, it does not mean he is not permitted to be named an All Star.”

          Read your own site. I just posted a half hour before that the players and Commissioner’s office fill in the roster after the three starters are elected.

          So, your theory is, they are going to pick six more by dissing at least one of the 6 guys elected out of the primary but not chosen starters, and diss all the fans that voted for them. Then the Commish/players are going to ignore the next 11 guys (including teammate McNeil who is in the batting title race) in the fan balloting, and choose the 21st guy in Conforto (assuming he gets to 21).

          It is not happening. It shouldn’t happen. And even if he somehow merited a Commissioner veto over the fan’s choice, it ain’t happening in the first year of the new polling system.

          Conforto would get his ass booed off at the game if it did, and it would be all the media talked about before and during the game.

          WAR ain’t meant to differentiate in fractions of a point, Tom Tango repeatedly makes that clear. It’s meant to differentiate the guy who is -1.0 from the guy who is plus 2.0.

          1. metsdaddy says:

            I like how you first try to dismiss my response only to circle back to the original point.

          2. Oldbackstop says:

            That is what one does with deflection. Dismiss it and get on track. You citing teeny fractions in WAR is…imbecilic. Imagine if the top 20 batting third basemen were all between .257 and .262. Would you be citing who was third and who was 15th?

          3. metsdaddy says:

            It’s not a deflection. It’s what you actually did. I also appreciate your calling something imbecilic for the sole reason that you have no good arguments to counter that or the other arguments which were presented.

            As usual, good work.

    2. metsdaddy says:

      I’m not sure how five equates to dozens

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        “Imagine if the top 20 batting third basemen were all between .257 and .262. Would you be citing who was third and who was 15th?”

        Again, this is what you are doing with WAR.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          You’re comparing batting average to WAR

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