Mets Biggest Problem Is Chili Davis, Not Mickey Callaway

So far this season, the New York Mets have disappointed. When a team disappoints to this level, people begin to look for scapegoats, and almost always that is the manager. With the Mets, Mickey Callaway is a ripe target as he had a disappointing 2018 season with some real issues like having Jay Bruce bat out of order. The Mets start this season has done little to instill confidence he’s progressing.

The question is whether he is the biggest issue. Arguably, he isn’t. It’s the offense.

So far this season, the Mets rank 21st in the Majors in runs scored putting them squarely in the bottom third of the league. This is a component in their having been outscored by 27 runs so far this year. For comparison’s sake the Mets pitching staff have allowed the fifth fewest runs allowed.

With the offense, there are a number of problems. Wilson Ramos hasn’t hit at all, and he has a career and Major League worst ground ball rate. Todd Frazier hasn’t hit either, and it should come as no surprise he also has a career worst ground ball rate. Robinson Cano is struggling, and he currently has a career worst strike out rate. The list goes on and on including Brandon Nimmo and Keon Broxton.

When you break it all down, the peripheral numbers are terrible. The Mets have third worst ground ball and GB/FB rates in the majors. As a team, they’ve accumulated the fourth most strikeouts in the Majors. The team is in the bottom third in the Majors in HR/FB, hard hit percentage, and homers. For all the preaching about situational hitting, their five sacrifice flies are the third fewest in the Majors.

In total, the team’s 98 wRC+ puts them in the bottom half of the league. Put another way, this is exactly what a Chili Davis‘ offense looks like, and it is why the Mets are Davis’ third job in as many years. Overall, while his uniform has changed, he hasn’t:

Team GB% GB/FB HR/FB K% wRC+
2019 Mets 46.5% 1.41 12.8% 25.4% 98
2018 Cubs 46.0% 1.41 10.4% 21.8% 100
2015-2017 Red Sox 45.6% 1.34 11.7% 18.7% 101

At the end of last season, Cubs President of Baseball Operations said, “Something happened to our offense in the second half,. We stopped walking, we stopped hitting home runs, we stopped hitting the ball in the air, and we stopped being productive. Not being able to get to two runs that many times in the second half is really unacceptable.” (

After the 2017 season, Red Sox Owner John Henry said, “I think we would’ve had significant power last year if we had a different approach.” (Mass Live). He would add, “I didn’t think we were nearly aggressive enough and I think our approach was lacking for a good part of the season.”

Ultimately, when you look at the numbers and what the Cubs and Red Sox had to say, the Mets should not be surprised with their offensive output this season. Looking at the numbers, the Mets are getting exactly what they should have expected when they hired Chili Davis.

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  1. oldbackstop says:

    The Red Sox were tied for 15th in runs scored in 2014, brought in Chili, and scored more than 100 runs more, ranking 4th.
    The Cubs were second in the NL in scoring in 2017 with a freakish 822 runs trailing only the Rockies, and 4th in 2018.
    The Mets were 11th in runs scored in 2018, and they are 10th in 2019.

    Todd Frazier has all of 49 at bats, and Keon Broxton has 46.

    Ramos, Cano and Frazier are 10 year vets, multiple All Stars, and I sincerely doubt they give a cr@p about Chili Davis’ opinion about batting, politics or beer.

    The arm of Syndergaard, the glove of Rosario and the bat of Nimmo are the top three things keeping us out of first place. The rest of the guys are small samples or not all that far from expectations that they should be losing us games.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      1. The Red Sox brought in Sandoval, Hanley, Swihart, and Betts to replace Pierzynski, Middlebrooks, Nava, and Gomes.

      2. Mets are 21st in runs scored despite adding Cano and Ramos.

      3. Mets stats are in line with the stats of previous Davis’ teams.

      4. Mets pitching has allowed the fifth fewest runs, which indicates this is an offensive problem.

      1. oldbackstop says:

        Dude, Chili’s first and second year in Boston they finished first in their division.

        ” Mets are 21st in runs scored despite adding Cano and Ramos.” you are going to compare the NL with the AL in offense. The AL has the designated hitter. The Mets are slightly above NL league average in BA and runs scored.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          You do realize the Red Sox won due to pitching and defense, and once they got rid of Chili, their offense too off.

  2. Tom says:

    All I can tell you is the Cubs offense looks totally different this year. They are going the other way all the time and just better than the end of last year. Time will tell, but I have to say I’m not sorry they changing the hitting coach.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m sure that’s no accident

  3. first base says:

    Davis just does not seem to be able to reach major league players. He himself, could hit but hardly any of his players improve.

    I can be available to the Mets if they decide to replace Davis.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Anything is better than Davis

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