Trivia Friday: Final Four Mets Postseason Years

With the NCAA Tournament in Day Two and Opening Day less than a week away, college basketball fans will be rooting for their favorite teams and/or their alma mater. Personally, this means I will be rooting for Seton Hall to go on a run like they did in 1989 and hope beyond hope they don’t get screwed by a phantom foul call.

As a Mets fan, well, judging from past history, you should just be rooting for two teams from the same conference to make the Final Four. Since the field expanded to 64 teams, the Mets have made six postseasons, and in five of those six years, two teams from the same conference made the Final Four. That list grows to six of six if we use current conference alignment.

Can you name all of the teams who made the Final Four in each of the years the Mets made the postseason? Good luck!

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