Good Thing The Yankees Didn’t Open The Vault For deGrom

Things got so out of control in the Yankees 16-1 loss to the Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of the ALDS, Austin Romine would pitch the top of the ninth inning.  In that inning, he would surrender a two run homer to Brock Holt.  By allowing that homer, not only did Holt become the first ever player to have a postseason cycle (62 years to the day after Don Larsen threw the only perfect game in postseason history), but he would have an 18.00 ERA.

Coincidentally, with Luis Severino allowing six earned in his three innings of work yesterday, his ERA this postseason is also 18.00.  Now, even with his second half, no one could have really predicted Severino would be this bad in the ALDS.  However, everyone knew the Yankees needed more pitching heading if they were going to get through this postseason.

Instead of making the big game changing move, the Yankees instead decided to fill-in around the edges.  They traded for J.A. Happ and Lance Lynn.  The Happ moved seemed obvious as he has a history of beating the Red Sox, who then, were the Yankees most likely opponent in the ALDS.  Those good numbers against the Red Sox translated to five earned in two innings in the Yankees Game 1 loss.

Lynn relieved Happ in that Game 1, and he did provide the Yankees with two scoreless innings, which gave the team a chance to get back into that game.  Lynn was not up to the task yesterday.  Like Severino, he struggled mightily allowing three earned in one-third of an inning.  If the game wasn’t over by then, it was after Lynn’s appearance.

Now, with the season on the line, the Yankees are turning to CC Sabathia.  On the one hand, Sabathia is a savvy veteran who is going to give the Yankees a chance to win this game.  After all, he was 9-7 with a 3.65 ERA this season. On the other, Sabathia had a 5.40 ERA in September.  He also hasn’t pitched in almost two weeks.  You have to question how sharp he will be against a red hot Red Sox offense.

If you were the Yankees, wouldn’t you want a big time ace like, say, Jacob deGrom , take the mound today?

Now, it’s quite possible no deal between the Mets and Yankees could ever be made.  Certainly not one of this magnitude.  In the opinion of many, for the Mets to even begin considering such a deal, the Yankees would have to part with Gleyber Torres.  While Torres is hitting just .250 this postseason with no extra-base hits, he’s a 21 year old potential superstar.

If you are the Yankees, do you really want to part with that?  Even to raise the Yankees chances to win the World Series for the next three years?  The Yankees said no even if this was not how they would have operated two decades ago when they built a dynasty.

For the Yankees, they better hope Gleyber is exactly what they think he will be.  They also better hope Severino returns to his first half form and Justus Sheffield emerges as the ace they think he can be.  It has to break this way because the Yankees put all of their eggs in this basket.  Judging from this year, it may cost them a World Series this year.  Who knows what the long term ramifications will be from here?

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