Meet The Mets Fan: Jerseylicious’ Anthony Lombardi

The Mets Fan

My name is Anthony Lombardi. I’m a Hairstylist and salon owner from NJ. I was also featured on the reality show Jerseylicious.

How You Became a Mets Fan

My father is a Mets fan and that’s pretty much how I became one. Same way my 9 yr old son is a Mets fan.

Favorite Mets Player

I have different favorite players from different periods of my life. As a young kid it was Lee Mazzilli. During our golden years it was Keith Hernandez. In my 20’s, Mike Piazza and currently Michael Conforto. All time I’d have to say Piazza.

Favorite Moment in Mets History

Winning the World Series. Followed by taking my son to his 1st Mets game with my dad.

Message to Mets Fans

My message would be. Stay loyal. And root for the name on the front of the Jersey not the back. Also never believe the Wilpons.

0 thoughts on “Meet The Mets Fan: Jerseylicious’ Anthony Lombardi”

  1. Gothamist says:

    St Lucie will rally to the crown…..

    With three #1 picks – three fifths of the 2021 Met starting five – all starting for St Lucie in 2018….. I expect a first class finish….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      St. Lucie is eight games under .500

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