Nationals Destroy Mets

The good news:

    Jose Reyes embarrassed himself allowing more homers than he’s hit this year.
  • The bad news:
    • Everything else

    Nationals 25 – Mets 4

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    1. OldBackstop says:

      Yeah, avert your eyes.

      The good news is:

      — we didn’t do some moronic trade.
      — we win tomorrow, we are over .500 since the break and run up 6 consecutive series w/p losing one.

      I think we need to make the rest of the season a referendum on this lineup, don’t throw an AAA team out like last year, give the pitchers a real catcher and the best team we can muster, and see if we can compete next year, or need a five year tear down.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        I agree we should see more Plawecki and less Mesoraco

    2. Patrick says:

      Even worse, I had the mets at plus 20 and lost

    3. Five Tool Ownership says:

      The other good news is that with a man on, two outs, 21-4 Rosario was able to maintain his upper cut, look to pull, hard swing for a HR approach.

      I think-it maybe time to have Rosario hit 3-5 and continue to see his power approach.

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