This Is What Quit Looks Like

This team doesn’t deserve to have any Mets fan watch them right now. No, not even on a Jacob deGrom start.

Thanks to a Jose Bautista first inning homer and a Todd Frazier sixth inning homer, deGrom actually had a 2-0 lead.

Did that mean the Mets won the game? Of course not.

Derek Dietrich hit an infield single, and deGrom allowed an uncharacteristic homer to Brian Anderson.

Clearly, deGrom was fatigued then issuing a four pitch walk to Justin Bour. Runners were at the corners with two outs after a Starlin Castro single.

Still, deGrom did his job, and he got J.T. Riddle to hit a grounder to first. Wilmer Flores didn’t charge the ball and took so long to get to first, he still may not have reached first.

3-2 Marlins.

After that sixth inning, Amed Rosario booted a ball. Jose Reyes couldn’t be bothered to even fake running out a grounder. The Mets wouldn’t get one more base runner over the final three innings.

All told, the Mets lost 5-2. Although a lot of them may not have realized it because some of them seemed to have quit before the game even ended.

When they bother to pay attention, they’ll come to realize they are tied for last in the NL East and have the worst winning percentage in the NL.

Game Notes: Reyes claimed he didn’t run out the grounder because he felt something. That something was probably apathy.

6 thoughts on “This Is What Quit Looks Like”

  1. Saul's Colorist says:

    Let me tell you something.

    I am not emotional about this.

    These plays are playing their hearts out and if anyone quit it is you two favs Cespedes and Rosario!

    I see that others like gsellsman may thrive in crunch time, that it is a need to create motivation in other times yet these guys are human…

    They are not tools for the emotionally indulgent or those who live vicariously thru others.

    I watch the players, I root for them and when they lose I find the bright side which is that the Wilpon Katz nickel and diming has come home to roost!!!!

    You have two children can you have more say in the joy of being a father?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Cespedes is far from my favorite player, and I see nothing to suggest Rosario has quit.

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Rumor has it that Met ownership is in negotiation to swap franchises.
    A wealthy owner brings his org structure in.
    Pays $1b plus for swap.
    Citifield itself is up for negotiation for Mets owners have developments in process
    Other considerations are as following:

    who gets the scouts and player development structure
    discussion with saul katz’s children
    Cable contracts
    Office personnel pensions
    city concessions on building up subway station

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s not happening

  3. OldBackstop says:

    I don’t think they have quit.

    They went into the year potentially competitive but thin all around, on the bench and on the farm. They didn’t get playing time or much help from their biggest off season sdditions, Vargas and Swarzak. They lost their biggest bat and one of their two aces and both their catches.

    Not many teams could stay competitive with all that.

    I just hope they can keep the rotation together for next year.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      When Reyes outright refuses to run balls out and Cabrera just gives away ABs late in games, they’re quitting.

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