Mets Can’t Even Beat Competitive Against Tanking Marlins

Well, in a season where the Mets are desperately looking to find rock bottom, they made a step closer to it getting their doors blown off by the Marlins in an 8-2 loss.

Corey Oswalt made his first professional start a day earlier than expected because Jacob deGrom had a family emergency.

Considering deGrom missed time two years ago with his son Jaxon having a medical emergency, we can all only hope his family is alright.

Still, this put Oswalt in a very tough spot as he had approximately three hours to prepare for his first MLB start.

Things went well for Oswalt through two innings. Then Lewis Brinson hit the first pitch of the third out of the park to give the Marlins a 1-0 lead.

The wheels quickly came off from there with the Marlins scoring six runs on five hits off Oswalt. Oswalt would then get lifted with one out left in the inning.

This put the Marlins well on their way to an 8-2 victory. With the win, the Marlins, who actively made moves to win as few games as possible, now have one more win than the Mets this season.

If you’re looking for a bright side, somehow Amed Rosario drew three walks. Also, Tyler Bashlor threw 2.2 innings allowing one run on three hits.

Of course, there’s a question why a Double-A closer was throwing 36 pitches in almost three innings.

But that’s the Mets for you. Even when things are bad, you can always find how things are worse.

Game Notes: Jose Bautistahas started eight straight games, and Dominic Smith has not started since Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Mets Can’t Even Beat Competitive Against Tanking Marlins”

  1. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Marlins sinking to 12-14 in June as the Mets grind out five wins to their twenty losses.

  2. Luis says:

    When Oswalt was relieved, why was there not a double switch? It seems that Callaway is one of those guys who interviews well, speaks well, says all the right things, uses all the current buzzwords (“Servant leader” from his last interview I saw- I almost puked)-but is unable to think on his feet or under stress..

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I excused that because if you’re double switching, you’re pulling Rosario and putting in Reyes.

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