Just Put Cabrera On The DL

In the final game of the Subway Series, Asdrubal Cabrera tweaked one of the myriad of leg injuries he’s been dealing with for over a month now.

Sandy Alderson lauds Cabrera for playing through the injuries saying, “Cabrera! There’s a guy who’s playing. He’s not 100 percent. He’s playing. ‘Oh my god, he needs a day off, he needs a week off.’…He’s playing. Will we lose him at some point? Maybe. Right now, we want to keep putting a winning team on the field.” (Tim Healey, Newsday).

Here’s the thing, playing Cabrera through the injuries and putting a winning team on the field are two things inapposite of one another.

Back on April 25th, Mickey Callaway held Cabrera out of the lineup because the second baseman was experiencing hamstring issues.

At that time, Cabrera was hitting .349/.391/.590, and he looked like an early season MVP candidate for a 15-7 first place Mets team.

After skipping a game, Cabrera would go 0-for-6 in a 13 inning loss to the Cardinals. That was the beginning of a stretch from April 26th to the present where he has hit .247/.287/.448.

It’s not just hit bat. Over the course of the season, Cabrera has been the worst defensive second baseman in baseball with a -10 DRS. While Cabrera has historically been poor at second, it’s also fair to say his leg injuries further hinder his ability to play the field.

Over this stretch, the Mets have gone 13-27. That’s a 109 loss pace.

Now, Cabrera is not the sole cause for this record. Far from it. However, his ability to hit and field is a big reason why.

Playing Cabrera everyday isn’t helping him, and it’s not helping the Mets. It’s time the team calls up Jeff McNeil and let him play second.

Seriously, the worst McNeil can do is not hit and be a butcher in the field. That’s what the Mets are already getting from Cabrera, and we know that’s what Jose Reyes would provide. After all, in the Mets last game, Reyes both failed to step on second and threw the ball away allowing both runners to be safe.

If the Mets are serious about winning and fielding their best team, they need to have Cabrera healthy and playing. At this point, he’s not healthy, and he’s hurting the Mets. It’s time to put him in the disabled list.

0 thoughts on “Just Put Cabrera On The DL”

  1. Luis says:

    Expecting the Mets to use the DL intelligently, is like expecting a chocolate frying pan to be useful

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Well said

  2. Five Tool Ownership says:

    No need to fear Cespedes is near….
    He carries ball clubs in almost every summer….
    He is biting at the bit to get into the everyday line-up…..
    The Mets have not depended much on Cabrera since the third week of April, he is old anyway, others are overdue, the Mdts can play prospects who play better second base defense and if the Mets have not been on the shoulders of Cabrera for six weeks they can certainly without him.

    Subtracting and replacing Gonzalez’s and Cabrera’s RBIs — will be as easy as snapinig one’s fingers…..

    The Met’s injuries —better explained scientifically or in terms of a jinx or bad karma?

    Maybe it is about how they use the DL? I do not know much about these player’s bodies..

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Not sure you can rely on anything from Cabrera or Cespedes from here on out

      1. Blu2MileHigh says:

        No fear here:

        We have Conforto, Rosario, Bruce, that great acquisition from Cincinnati and Nimmo (who thrives with no lineup protection)

        Shut down Swarzak is healthy, Sewald, Blevins, Robles … then the fearless, teflon emotion duo of Ramos and Familia will come back better than ever…

        yet… independent of above… Peterson is my fav!

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