Trivia Friday: MLB Teams To Never Bat Out Of Order

In Wednesday’s embarrassing loss to the Cincinnati Reds, the Mets had the ultimate indignity of getting caught batting out of order.  Apparently, the lineup card Mickey Callaway handed to the umpire had Asdrubal Cabrera batting second and Wilmer Flores batting third.

That’s not what Callaway wanted, but it didn’t matter. The end result was Cabrera’s double was wiped off the board, and Jay Bruce was effectively skipped in the lineup leading to Adrian Gonzalez leading off the next inning.

While embarrassing, you were left with a sense that if a Major League team plays long enough, they will eventually find a way to bat out of order.  This statement is mostly true as there are currently five Major League franchises who have still not batted out of order in an MLB game.  Can you name them?  Good luck!

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