Mismanagement, Vargas Has Mets Seeing Red in Blowout Loss

Well, if you were feeling good about the Mets after their win last night, those feelings were quickly dispatched.  Todd Frazier, arguably their second best position player all year, landed on the disabled list meaning Jose Reyes was in the starting lineup.  Worse than that, Jason Vargas was the starter.

Right away, Vargas loaded the bases, and he then allowed a Eugenio Suarez two RBI single to give the Reds an early 2-0 lead.  It was a minor miracle the Reds did not score more from that point.

However, they would score two more in the second with Suarez once again being the catalyst.  His RBI double scored Joey Votto from first, and he would come home on a Tucker Barnhart, the catcher the Reds kept, RBI single.

Overall, Vargas’ final line was 4.0 innings, six hits, four runs, four earned, two walks, and one strikeout.  As poor as that start was, it should be noted this was his best start this year.  With his pitching, you almost have to question why he’s guaranteed a starting spot while the team is keeping some pitchers in the minors and sending another one to Cincinnati.

That four run margin would prove to be enough for a number of reasons.

The first was Reds starter, Luis Castillo, no not that one, but then again it doesn’t really matter because nothing good happens to the Mets when there is a Luis Castillo on the field.  He would limit the Mets to just a single over the first five innings.

Finally, in the sixth, the Mets would break through on a Wilmer Flores one out homer.  Now, Flores did not start the game.  Rather, he was double switched in for Amed Rosario despite Rosario being the one Met with a hit, and Reyes being a terrible defensive shortstop.

The Mets would continue from there with a two out rally.  With consecutive walks to Yoenis Cespedes, Jay Bruce, and Adrian Gonzalez, the Reds forced home a run.  That’s when Mickey Callaway opted to pinch hit Brandon Nimmo instead of Juan Lagares or even the newly acquired Devin Mesoraco to face the left-hander Amir Garrett.

Nimmo struck out to end the rally, and things would only go downhill from there.

AJ Ramos was fighting it, but he kept the Reds off the board in the sixth, but he would allow a double to Scott Schebler, and with Votto coming up, Jerry Blevins would come into the game.  He got his man, but he would be pulled for Hansel Robles.

After a Suarez single, Scooter Gennett would have Robles pointing to the sky again with his three run homer giving the Reds a 7-2 lead.

Making this game worse was the fact the Mets had called up Corey Oswalt in place of P.J. Conlon to give them some length in the bullpen.  Of course, they called up Oswalt on three days rest instead of Chris Flexen on full rest.  The end result was Callaway ripping through his bullpen trying to save Oswalt’s arm . . . the very same Oswalt who was called up to supposedly help protect against that.

That’s embarrassing.  Almost as embarrassing as getting blown out by the now nine win Reds team.

Game Notes: On the eve of the game, Matt Harvey was traded to the Reds for Mesoraco.

0 thoughts on “Mismanagement, Vargas Has Mets Seeing Red in Blowout Loss”

  1. ThatAdamSmith says:

    So, Frazier is nursing a hamstring for three weeks, gets zero (maybe one?) day off and then heads to the DL, and Reyes starts at 3rd. If I’m Flores, (who double switched in and was 2-3 with a HR, i’m Calling my agent and asking the hell out of here.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      If the downward spiral continues, they’ll all be gone soon.

    2. Blu2MileHigh says:

      Oh please, Wilmer go! You have a negative career WAR!

      1. metsdaddy says:

        There’s a line of people who should go out the door before him. First on that list is Reyes

    3. Blu2MileHigh says:

      Why is Metsdaddy that immediately illuminating Wilmer Flores inadequate third base fielding : bad back lumbar flexibility gor weak hit balls and bunts, his DISMAL natural refexes or “twich” and that his hitting, his OBP, agressive hitting style of swinging agressively not only is primed for PH duties but results show on his extra base hits usually not clutch but end of game, lopsded scores, never the grind type to keep it started or moving along with opposite field singles but all or nothing approaches of extra base hits (stats), pop outs or grounded in double plays the predicted approach.

      I do not know much about his first base dee stats but it seems to be improving on picks on dirt balls and some shots hit near him.

      I do not get Wilmer’s contining joy after hitting that gimme pitch for a single HR well after the dugout grats. The were still trailing big still scratching out walks to get closer (something seemingly not Wilmer’s strategy) and his stayed in his glory heading back over toward the ohone area.

      It aint clutch, he does not drive in men in scoring position especially early in the game or late in tight games, I do not get his reserved yey likeable personality.

      Where are the tangibles and intangibles?

      They already had 6/8 position players with negative DWAR and to put out Wilmer at third replacing the net positive dWAR of Todd Frazier would make me cringe also.

      Yep Daddio, you were silent again.
      You know that no team wants Wilmer.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        I wasn’t silent on these new points raised.

        I’ve said several times over Wilmer is useful as a bench piece, and with his continuing development against RHP, he may well be one day worthy of playing everyday.

        He has power, and he is best suited to playing on the right side of the infield.

        And no matter what you say, he’s a much better choice to put in the lineup than Reyes, who is struggling to play with that fork in him.

  2. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Mismanagement of bringing up young Corey Oswalt on three days rest after x innings last time, Corey Oswalt who have pitched xx tomes with three days rest?

    And you title your editorial as “mismanagement”?

    If you are angry, have you considered some self analysis to identify exactly who you are mad at and just say something like “I had such high expectations” “I hate losing more than two games a week” “I always want to blame someone vs “that they lost to a better pitcher”.

    You have baffled me before as someone willing to be controversial but this is incredibly baffling…

    Wilmer hit a zero break curve at 85 mph down Broadway.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Calling up Oswalt was mismanagement. Saying otherwise is patently false.

  3. Blu2MileHigh says:

    Sandy is not calling up the “promising prospects” to pitch:

    Drew Smith, Rhames, Baumann, Peterson etc…

    Flexen got how many starts last year?
    Each player has how many call ups?

    Flexen’s WHIP IS .21 higher at 1.68!

    Are you picking your spots to potentially irritate Jeff Wilpon’s people who read your posts and when angry send their soldiers to attack you?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Rhame pitched four innings, and Baumann has to serve a one game suspension whenever he comes up.

      The others you mentioned aren’t ready

  4. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Vegas hurlers….
    those hgh prized Mets scouts?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Vegas is an incredibly tough pitching environment. It’s like pitching in pre-humidor Coors Field.

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