Meet the Mets Fan: Comic Dan LaMorte

The Mets Fan

For those that don’t know me, I’m Dan LaMorte. I’m a 23 year old stand up comedian based in NYC. I’ve done standup on TV, I’ve had a best selling album and I’m a regular at the legendary Comedy Cellar. I’m also a former college baseball player and Tommy John Surgery recipient.

How You Became a Mets Fan

I was born into a family of Mets fans. Some people see it as a curse, I always saw it as a blessing. I was always told to love the Mets and all it took was a trip to Shea to convince me.

Favorite Mets Player

My favorite Mets player of all time is an unsung hero who often goes under the radar, Omir Santos. I don’t know what it was about him, probably the homerun against Jonathan Papelbon. Followed closely by Wilmer Flores. I guess I love underdogs.

Favorite Moment in Mets History

My favorite moment in Mets history comes back to Wilmer. The walk off homerun 48 hours after thinking he was traded, when he’s crossing home and pounds the Mets logo on his chest…it’s like something of folklore. Say what you want about him, but that was a pivotal moment of that season.

Message to Mets Fans

I don’t think Mets fans need a message because they’re one of the most resilient fan bases. We’re ready for anything. I think the real fans don’t ever give up on the team, it’s going to be an exciting year.

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