Strange But True Mets Minor League Facts

As we head into the 2018 season, we have seen some of these Mets prospects for a few years now, and we have made some assumptions about these players. Some of those assumptions are right on the money, and some of them, not so much. There may be some facts when brought to life which may surprise many of us. With that in mind, here are some facts about the Mets minor leagues which are sure to surprise you.

No. 1 Sandy’s First Draft Produced 11 Major Leaguers

When Sandy Alderson was entasked with rebuilding the Mets farm system, he and his staff went right to work with the 2011 draft. That draft was quite effective with the Mets producing 11 Major Leaguers from that draft.

1st Round: Brandon Nimmo & Michael Fulmer
2nd Round: Cory Mazzoni
3rd Round: Logan Verrett
4th Round: Jack Leathersich
8th Round: Daniel Muno
13th Round: Robert Gsellman
15th Round: Phillip Evans
21st Round: John Gant
34th Round: Seth Lugo
35th Round: Chasen Bradford

Almost as incredible, between trades and play on the field, nine of those players either played for a Mets team that made the postseason or were traded for a player who contributed to a Mets team that made the postseason.

No. 2 Vientos Same Age As Kranepool Was When Kranepool Debuted in the Majors

Last year, Mets second round pick Mark Vientos was the youngest player drafted at 17 years old. Amazingly, this is the same age Mets Hall of Famer Ed Kranepool was when he made his MLB debut. As a matter of fact, Kranepool was just a little more than four months older in his MLB debut than Vientos was when he made his debut in professional baseball playing in the Gulf Coast League.

No. 3 Alonso Only Player to Homer off Smith Prior to the Trade Deadline

When the New York Mets traded Lucas Duda to the Tampa Bay Rays for right-handed relief prospect Drew Smith, the one stat which immediately jumped off his Baseball Reference page was the fact he had allowed just one home run all season. The person who hit that home run was his future teammate Peter Alonso. On the home run, Smith would tell MMN’s Mathew Brownstein, Alonso “brings it up probably once a week (laughs). But that’s just part of it.”

No. 4 Nimmo Drew More Walks Than Rosario in Triple-A

Last year with all of the injuries, it seemed as if Nimmo spent most if not all of his 2017 season in the majors. To a certain extent that is true with him playing just 42 games in Triple-A. That was actually 52 fewer games than Amed Rosario had in Triple-A last year. Overall, Rosario would have 227 more plate appearances for the 51s than Nimmo would have. And yet, despite all of that, Nimmo would draw 10 more walks than Rosario did in Triple-A.

No. 5 DeFrancesco’s First MLB Win Came Against the Mets

In the offseason, the Mets hired the Houston Astros Triple-A Manager Tony DeFrancesco. DeFrancesco had been a manager in the Astros organization since 2011, and during that time, he did get a 41 game opportunity to manage the Major League club after the team fired Brad Mills. After beginning his managerial career losing five straight, his Astros came to New York to face the Mets. With the Suffern, New York native’s family in the stands, his Astros team won the game 3-1.

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    I used to believe that Sandy Alderson walked on water…
    Yet I know in my viewpoint of his many if not remarkable victories he was human.

    Post 2015 deals of prospects (who did we give up Fulmer, Cessa, the kid on Atlanta, Bowman via Rule Five?) that supposed drained the system”?

    Only cognitive dissonance will give me the renewed fantasy of mine that Sandy was able to overcome few resources (scout pay, overseas facilities outside of DR, scout expense money, analytics, training and physiology spend, player development management layers etc) to draft better.

    I cringe when the Yankees take recent picks including midrounders to acquire valuable cogs in the wheel. Seemingly every summer and spring they pull it off.

    JUST GO TO BASEBALL REFERENCE, GO TO THEIR ROSTERS YEAR AFTER YEAR, PLAYERS HERE, PLAYERS FROM 2016 gone, go to the bottom of each player page, look at transactions and click on the players they gave up, look at the Chapmans, the Andrew Millers, the gutsy moves with known downsides and the contracts they give FAs for bullpen that are tradable.

    Look at Drury, Didi, look at their bullpen acquisitions, look at those deals..Which draftees traded within two years of the draft and are they in AA MLB or out of baseball?

    Whdn kids in AA play for AA playoff teams they look better than thdy actually are.
    Winning is not the draft, grading picks from mid rounds, getting Aaron Judge closer to the second round but winning at A AA AAA also.

    IT TAKES COMMITMENT it takes working as one abd that is why Joe Girardi is not managing the team… It is a culture, a sync snd it took the second generation of Steinbrenners to let it evolve further…

    How many of the recent top 100 best prospects lists are Met draft picks?
    Usually around one.

    One in particular that had just one that just one was ranked #63.

    Let us not kid ourselves or talk like HS sophomores in Pollyannaish mental masturbation. I say to myself give it four more years but expect little.

    Look at Wilmer’s Minor league stats and then look at current Mets minor league position players… Then look at Boston, Atlanta, Philly, LA, Cubs and the NYY

    We are galaxies apart,..

    The problem lies with the COO and CEO of the Club…

    Even the Katz Institute focus at Citifield is all about Sail Katz, second about Mets or the recipients….

    They are not self aware, self reflective, not open minded, not smart enough and they hardly delegate…

    Let us hope that with hydration experts on staff now means there are much more dollars for PLAYER DEVELOPMENT EVALUATION AND much higher draft results….

    Does Mike Fulmer have chronic issues that will limit his career?
    Well if Sandy knew, then more kudos to him?
    Thanks for letting go on Matt Reynolds and moving on from that high pick…


    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets are looking great, but one point here – giving up Fulmer was a mistake


        If you are taking the long view, 7/28/15, you realize that day that short term success w Cespedes will be fleeting and long term lock up (control) of Michael Fulmer preferred higher goal of him being part of Mets 2019 is better, you still look for whatever yoh can get for Wilmer and Wheeler after the Brewer deal was rescinded.

        I bet many GMs look back at the Mets in the playoffs for two successive years on the back of trading Fulmer and Cessa for Cespedes and because of playoffs twice (irregardless of WS or not in 2015) out of GM absolutes of playoffs vs not, discipline and orthodox thinking these GMs will never look back at the trading of Fulmer with any regret or reinterpretation.

        Even if no playoffs, these are gambles that must be made and they know it, breath it and bleed it.

        It is to them a fact of the job, their life as a GM, of giving value for value and never EVER Looking back for the Mets even made the playoffs twice and exceeded the singular goal which was to make the playoffs.

        They indeed even exceeded their goal, of course they wish they had Fulmer yet they know it would contradictory to have digested and enjoyed the playoff runs and now say they regret trading him.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Mets only traded for two months of Cespedes.

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