Mets Lost?

Ever see the movie Pleasantville?  Well, there was one scene after Tobey Maguire’s character showed up in the town and started changing everything:

Gus: Have they ever lost before?

George: Basketball?  No, they sure haven’t.

Gust: Just feels wrong.  That’s all.

Ralph: Maybe that’s where they get the saying, “can’t win ’em all.”

Gus: Yeah, that’s a good point, Ralph.  They do have that saying.

Bob: But they do win ’em all, Gus.  They’ve always won ’em all.

With the exception of one game against the Cardinals during the first homestand of the season, it really came to feel as if the Mets did win ’em all, and that something would be quite off if the Mets ever did lose a game.

Well, today was the day the Mets finally lost a game.

Sure, there were a number of things to which you could overreact.  For the second straight start, Matt Harvey wasn’t great, his ERA jumped up to 4.80, and for the third straight start, he failed to pitch into the sixth inning.

However, it should be noted three of the four runs scored off of Harvey were the result of a home run that is almost never hit at Citi Field.  With an apparent jet stream to left field in the second inning, Jonathan Villar hit a three run homer that shocked everyone, the booth included with Keith Hernandez not able to get over how that ball many believed would be short and out of play cleared the former Great Wall of Flushing.

The Brewers took advantage of the wind again in the fourth with Jett Bandy hitting a homer to left.  That one was not really a surprise it went out.

While this was happening Brewers starter Chase Anderson n0-hit the Mets for the first 4.2 innings until Amed Rosario broke it up with a single up the middle.  With Adrian Gonzalez walking in front of him, that set up runners at first and second with two outs, but Jose Lobaton would be unable to deliver an RBI.

The Mets really didn’t get anything going until the sixth on a rally started when Anderson hit Michael Conforto with a pitch.  He moved to second on an Asdrubal Cabrera fielder’s choice, and he scored on a Yoenis Cespedes RBI single.

Considering how the Mets have been going this season, that was usually the time the team took off and started putting up crooked numbers.  Not tonight as Anderson got Jay Bruce to strike out.

The Mets kept within shouting distance at 4-1 due to the terrific work of Paul Sewald out of the Mets bullpen.  The seldom used Sewald came on in substitute of Harvey in the sixth inning, and he reeled off three perfect innings with five strikeouts.

Sewald was really the highlight of the night.  The Mets needed someone to give them length out of the pen, and he was the guy.  For those shocked it was Jacob Rhame and not him sent down, Sewald reminded everyone just how good he is, and why he stayed up with the ballclub.

Even with the score 4-1, the Mets just couldn’t get out of their own way.  For example, Todd Frazier hit a one out single in the seventh only for Amed Rosario to ground into an inning ending 6-4-3 double play.  It was one of two double plays the Mets hit into which killed off rallies.

More than the double plays or anything else, the Mets just ran into great pitching today.  Anderson shut them down, and Josh Hader came out of the bullpen and dazzled pitching two perfect innings with five strikeouts to record his first career save.

There’s really no other way to put it than the Mets flat out got beat.  While it is something that really hasn’t happened this year, it does happen.  In fact, it’s going to happen many times to the Mets because that’s what happens over the course of a 162 schedule. It’s just time to regroup and take the series tomorrow with Noah Syndergaard on the mound.

Game Notes: Entering the night, the Mets were 10 games over .500 at 11-1.  This is the third time in club history they have been 10 games over .500 in April with 1986 and 2015 being the others.

0 thoughts on “Mets Lost?”

  1. Gothamist says:

    Loboton on two strikes vs this pitcher, their ace upper cutting it gor a dramatic three run homer, seriously?

    Well, that is serious last place team ABAT!

    Why was Harvey not bunting? To give him more sense of a contribution?
    I thought that Callaway would have every pitcher bunt until they were blue and only the. improvise.

    Something improved with Harvey and he may need another off season.
    His fastball from 95-92, his lack of confidence on getting a strike on the outside of the plate, his location on those hits were again in the wheelhouse.

    I really hope the shoulder needs new muscle and time to get it coordinated and precise.

    He looks like an effective two-three inning pitcher….

    I am saddened… I hope he can get much better…

    Now we really need Wheeler to bring that magic back for other than de Grom only Zack’s outing into the late inning was consistent with a low pitch count.

    Sewald looked better.
    Cespedes is more clutch than I thought.
    His first ABAT the first three FBs he was expecting breaking stuff.
    That seemed to be a first.

    Robles must not give up HRs ever, I would send him down when Swarzack is ready.
    Frazier shows up like every game is a playoff game. Such amazing fresh air!

    The bullpen will not be able to continue this way.
    Jake will have to go seven and eight sometimes and Vargas will have to eat innings!

    I want to be in the room when the Doctors talk about Harvey with the traininh staff…

    Not enough waste pitches by the staff that are tempting to swing at.

    I see them doing the deal for Realmuto but what would it take? Matz?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      If the price is a starting pitcher, why would you trade for Realmuto, who’s not exactly great

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