Keith Hernandez Has A Message For Mets Fans

With the Mets playing on the West Coast, and on a Friday night to boot, it is understandable if you missed the game last night.  If you did, you missed the special message Keith Hernandez had for Mets fans:

Actually, Keith was just showing us how he cut his finger shaving.  For those interested, Keith uses a single blade when he shaves.

Right now, that moment goes down in the annuls of famous Mets moments in San Diego including the David Wright barehanded catch, the Carlos Beltran/Mike Cameron headfirst collision, and the Bartolo Colon home run.

Overall, it’s silly moments like this, or when a Keith, who thought he was off camera, gave his assessment of Tanner Roark‘s performance, that makes this booth the best in baseball.  They’re honest, and you never know when they’re going to do something so innocently bizarre that you will never forget the moment.

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  1. Gothamist says:

    Sure love hearing about Keith’s idiosyncrasies, his suave lifestyle, his coats, his hips, his cold knees, aristocratic way of asking for interns to get his immediate needs met, Keith’s daughters, dog, homes.

    Ron’s quick Yale probing if not humor and both Ron’s and Gary’s modest ifiny and sarcasm. Gary’s Ivy League intellect, quick wit, ability and articulate agility. These guys ae humble, toght with one other speak in layperson’s terms, complementing each other, tactful and self deprecating.

    They serve as role models for emotion intelligence and though Gary does get nostalgic with his exactly memory he does not get too personal. Gary is Ronny is playful with Keith but Gary more so.

    Ron speaks about life mostly in baseball, Keith can get on the players, yet be encouraging with sternness, more than Ronny and the emotion that Keith displayed for Rusty was touching and quite human.

    Ronny, a great statesman gor the game bringing his color coordination with an end in mind perhaps from his years on TNT and Gary a pure announcer without emcumerance in the moment yet just enough emotion in the drama…. We feel like we are there with them always.

    Are they the best in the game. I never did listen to anyone else and I have no desire to.

    I guess I leave that to Daddy to tell is about the Emmys they won and who is the second best.

    For me the three of them is the best Met TV team of all time, that I can say for I heard the rest.

    Hey Keith, how do you trim that mustache w a straigh edge that a battery trimmer can not do or is it the shaving cup, soap and that sterling silver razor in the morning that makes the bathroom feel like the Four Seasons in Paris, one wonderful hotel!

    What do others listen to and appreciate berween the lines?

    Good subject and a fun one…

    The Colon HR a top five of all time?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m not sure if this is the proverbial best booth in baseball, but I will say between them and Howie and Josh on the radio, you really can’t upgrade the Mets broadcasts.

      That is, unless, you can bring Burkhardt back.

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