Great Job Mets Fans

In 2015, the Mets started out on the road, and they came home with a 2-3 record.  Things would change quickly at home with the team reeling off 11 straight wins to improve their record to 13-3.

During that stretch, when the Mets had “only” five wins in a row, the team would have their first Friday evening game of the year.  The fans responded to the palpable buzz surrounding the team in their first home stand by packing it in for that Friday night game.  In total, there would be 38.753 fans at the game.

In 2016, the Mets would have World Series dreams after they had fallen just short to the Kansas City Royals last season.  With the team opening the season on the road against the Royals, and Noah Syndergaard winning the second game featuring a mid 90s slider, the buzz for the team grew louder.

The first Friday game as a day game, and it was the home opener.  With Jacob deGrom on the mound, there would be 44,099 fans in the stands.  By the time the team’s first Friday night game rolled around, it was three weeks later, and the Mets were 14-7.  With Steven Matz on the mound, there was 39,764 fans in the stands to watch the Mets take on the San Francisco Giants.

Last year, the Mets once again entered the season with World Series hopes and dreams.  The team would open the season at home and were 2-1 heading into their first Friday night game of the season.  In Zack Wheeler‘s return after two seasons on the disabled list, there would only be 27,891 fans at the game.

This year, the Mets have looked as good as they ever have.  After an impressive 4-1 homestand to start the season, they went out and swept their first two series on the road to bring the Mets record to 10-1.

With a buzz surrounding this team, the Mets came home last night to their first Friday night game of the season.  The fans responded to the Mets terrific play packing in Citi Field with 34,921 fans at the ballpark creating a great environment.

Was the crowd as big as Friday night crowds in year’s back?  No, but it was a good sized crowd who created a buzz in the ballpark.  Ultimately, that’s a great job by Mets fans, who have once again proven just what a great fan base we all are.  Seeing what last night’s crowd was, I can only imagine the crowds will only get bigger this weekend.

Lets Go Mets!

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