Mets Pre-Sale? No Thanks

If you are a Citi Cardmember, you have the exclusive chance to go out and purchase Mets tickets before they go on sale to the general public on November 17th.  Essentially, the Mets are really encouraging fans to go out there and start spending their hard earned money at a time when they are cutting payroll.

No, payroll doesn’t win championships; players do.  But look at the current state of the Mets roster and ask yourself whether the requisite talent is present. Look at it this way.  If the Mets do not make another move, here is Opening Day defensive alignment:

C Travis d’Arnaud
1B Dominic Smith
2B Wilmer Flores
3B Asdrubal Cabrera
SS Amed Rosario
LF Yoenis Cespedes
CF Juan Lagares
RF Michael Conforto

It’s not exactly a group the Mets are excited about themselves.  In 2016, they explored trading d’Arnaud, and when they couldn’t move him, they got him a catching guru.  Sure, d’Arnaud was better, but he wasn’t exactly the All Star we all hoped he could be.

The reports are also that the Mets have soured on Smith, and they are not only looking to have him start the year in Triple-A, but they may actually pursue a first baseman in free agency.

With respect to Flores and Lagares, the Mets have long since determined each are platoon players.  That could be where Brandon Nimmo finds a role as a platoon partner.  However, that’s only if he’s not the starting right fielder, which is dependent on when Conforto will be ready to play again.  That will also depend on whether Cespedes has a healthy season.

And by the way, the Mets have a massive hole in their pitching staff.  The team does not believe enough in AJ Ramos to be the primary set-up guy leaving them looking for another reliever.  Truth is, they probably need two or three.

In the rotation, the Mets have Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom.  After that, there are a number of question marks.  This means the Mets could use another starter.  If the Mets truly want to contend, they would get a top tier pitcher like Yu Darvish, but more likely, the team will be looking at fifth starters.

When you look at all these holes, the $30 million the Mets have to spend is nowhere near enough.  And by the way, this also doesn’t address what promises to be a weak bench.  Based upon past history, that bench will be weak with Sandy Alderson only being interested in building depth if the Mets promise to be good.

So, with the Mets having all these problems and them not looking to spend the money that is required to fix the roster, the question to Mets fans is this: Why are you in a rush to give them money they won’t fully invest in becoming the postseason contender this team was just a year ago?

7 thoughts on “Mets Pre-Sale? No Thanks”

  1. Gothamist says:

    I do not care if the Mets spend half as much on payroll as the 2006-2009 teams….


    I would buy tickets today!

    but it is a move more for the owners than me,,


    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets don’t have the money to sign Otani. That’s not just because they’re cheap. It’s also because they don’t have the international bonus money b

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        The Yankees scouted him years ago.

        They traded less valuable minor leaguers 3-12 rounds in the last two years, like Jon Daniels did in Texas to accumulate Intl bonus money for they timed Otari’s imminent signing.

        Texas after Darvish signing Otari?

        Yankees planned this out met in committee to decide to sign Tanaka two years before he signed….

        I bet that the permanent Yankees office in Japan has not been so distant from Otari’s camp.

        On 60 Minutes, Otari looked modest, humble, deferential, dedicated and respectful. Well the Yankees planned it well. Mets were disinterested…

        23 years old?
        Drawing fans this year and perpetual Japanese tourists into 2033?
        Drawing 5 million in 2018?

        Then the Japanese connection will be deeper Matsui, Tanaka, Otari….

        Jon Daniels, smarts and Queens a triple crown….
        The Mets are the Crowned Royals of Corona!

        The Mets do no marketing to the 10,000s who pass Citifield every day on the #7 train. They either do not care for Asian players, Asian customers, highway type signing, a rear sign such as the one on the Van Wyck.

        Some say they are ignorant, cheap, inexperienced, devoid of creativity, zero marketing talent, not able to copies other clubs, disorganized, that Jeff Wilpon can have so many direct reports, unsophisticated, flush with cash or just do not see Chinese and Koreans buying enough hot dogs and Bud Light?

        IT BAFFLES ME!
        I believe they are NOT any of the above….

        The ownership is 18 years young, that’s it.
        They will get there in time.
        The Steinbrenners were owners 23 years in 1995.
        Mets are much younger in that regard.

        Now Fred is asking, “Who is Otari?”

        I baffled?
        Fred is baffled also..

        1. metsdaddy says:

          The Mets not getting Otani isn’t about them being cheap, at least not directly.

          Like all MLB teams, they’re restricted by the international bonus money pools.

          Mets can’t offer more than anyone else leaving them to recruit him in a college type situation.

  2. Gothamist says:

    I know, Willet’s Point #7 train station JUST says “Mets Willet’s Point”.

    There is no clue that a professional baseball team is 100 yards away.
    Beautifulication of the station, paid by the Mets?


  3. Mets Employees Stay Off This Blog says:


    an article not readable?

    time to buy vits and supplements Metsies….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      What I cannot comprehend is how you complain about the Wilpons time and again, and yet, you consistently read their paper of record. Doing that, supports the Wilpons.

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