Mets Pitchers Are The Opposite of Stephen Strasburg

Yesterday, it was announced that with the Nationals season on the line, Stephen Strasburg was not going to take the ball in Game 4.  There were a number of reasons cited for him missing the start on normal rest from his being off his routine, his being sick, and his not feeling prepared to pitch.

It is astonishing that Strasburg isn’t taking the ball in this spot.  It was his opportunity to exercise the demons of 2012 when he was shut down on the eve of the postseason because he hit his innings limit.  It was his opportunity to help save his team’s season when arguably he was the best pitcher suited to it.

The optics of the moment certainly aren’t good.  That goes double when you consider an injured Max Scherzer is chomping at the bit to get into the game to help his team get to the NLCS.   On top of that, Scherzer will only be on just one day of rest.

Again, Strasburg looks bad here.

Now, there is the caveat that Strasburg could really be that sick, or the team could be concealing some type of injury.  Time and again, we have all been given lessons why we shouldn’t question an athlete when they say they can’t go.  The most tragic of those circumstances was J.R. Richard.  People questioned Richard and derided him, and so Richard pitched.  That is until Richard suffered a stroke.

Still, even with the lessons we have learned with Richard, we all question Strasburg because there is a history here.  Seeing what is happening with Strasburg, Mets fans should appreciate their pitchers all the more.

Back in 2015, with the same agent and predicament as Strasburg, Matt Harvey took the ball.  He won a pivotal Game 3 in the NLDS.  He set the tone in the NLCS with a dominating Game 1.  He came so close to forcing a Game 6 with a brilliant Game 5 performance.  Ironically, one of the lasting images of that postseason was Harvey demanding the ball.

It’s something we have seen with this entire Mets staff.  Noah Syndergaard refused an MRI and instead insisting on pitching against the Nationals.  Jacob deGrom ignored the pain as long as he could until he had to have season ending surgery.  Steven Matz has done nothing but pitch through pain and injury in his Mets career.

Each one of these Mets pitchers demand the ball even when they should have taken a step back and done what was best for their careers.   Who is to say the Mets pitchers are right and Strasburg is wrong.  Players only have a limited time to play professional baseball and by extension to earn money.  With each injury, their earning power goes down.  Strasburg, who took the time off, received a seven year $175 million contract extension.  There were at least discussions whether Harvey would be non-tendered.

So, maybe Strasburg is in the right here for doing what is best for him physically.  However, while that may be true, it could go a long way in explaining why he’s never been out of the NLDS.  It’s why he may never experience the glory we have seen Harvey experience in the postseason.

62 thoughts on “Mets Pitchers Are The Opposite of Stephen Strasburg”

  1. Gothamist says:

    Was it not that Strasberg was drated as a pitcher and the number one overall pick in the draft?

    I know that three of the Mets starters had Tommy John…

    Harvey like Strasberg now throws 95 and he has not had time to get muscle memory in his new set of muscles since the rib was removed. I have to wait two years. Strasberg is not a spring chicken anymore but Harvey must eventually learn to be effective at sub 96….?

    de Grom does not have a great organization, does not has Scherzer to relieve the pressure as a number one, he is a high pressure city, he is heavily relied upon and gets poor run support and poor everything after he leaves with the lead. On the Nats he would be very relaxed… Dusty aint TC who either kisses ass or kicks it hard w abusive playing requirements.

    The Nats have a lineup and it is stable year to year…

    Noah is just in this league a short time with less than fifty starts to date. Too early but I am not excited thst he does not just put hitters away much with two strikes.
    Very concerned! Very bored or better yet fustrated to turn it off watching him go 7-10 pitches on a batter clearly overmatched.

    Matz, on what level has he had sustained success, high profile team, two years with no injuries or a year with some consistency?

    Let us see what happens in 2018 but shoot did he have to wait a year to move the nerve? Who called it scar tissue? That sucked! For me too?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The main difference between the Mets and the Nationals is how they handle their assets. The Nationals protect their young stars, and they invest heavily in trying to prevent injuries.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        They always seem to have a cornucopia of prospects to trade for the Eatons, Doolittles etc and still keep the Victor Robles’s.

        They lose FAs at times andvdo not seem to suffer.

        Werth’s deal is up and Robles steps in in 2018.

        Intelligent planning, great evaluation and contracts that are tradable!?!

      2. Five Tool Ownership says:

        How do they invest to prevent injuries?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          A few years ago, they completely revamped their medical and training staff. I believe aside from some fluke injuries, their players have been healthy, i.e., they’ve avoided things like pull injuries and the like.

      3. Five Tool Ownership it is not! says:

        The Mets are in a similar spending mode of :

        And far under:

        Everyone in Every Mid and Large Market

        That contrast of opposites is a virtual crime or diaster zone!

        As Trump says:

        “Sad”, a “disgrace” and they should “LOSE THEIR LICENSE TO OPERATE!!!”

        Met Nation, go nuclear!!!!!!

  2. Gothamist says:

    Hey Didi, the SS on the Yankees just did something that Cespedes will never do…
    Hit a post season homer, on national TV when it really counted….

    He will make the big money too!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Cespedes has largely been disappointing in postseason spots for the Mets.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        He just can not cover the plate to foul off the high and middle up strikes that Baumgartner and others embarassed him on, the low outside stuff with two strikes or seem to have an intelligent strategy like Daniel Murphy does against the greats, agree?

        What did George Steinbrenner call Dave Winfield?

      2. Five Tool Ownership it is not! says:

        Cespesdes was not the right move.
        The owners had no plan yo follow through!

        They were going to light the candle from both ends on the controllable contracts of the starting pitching and be willing to invest only short term to plug in th deficiencies of the WS with one or seldom or two yesr contracts…

        Any of these playoff teams would be frightened every time Blevins was due to pitch an inning or Cabrera play SS as intended in his second year.

        Cabrera will do fine at Second, third, first and DH for a couple of years of not longer…


        And yes, a disgrace to sports ownership at any level!

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Who would you have signed last offseason instead of Cespedes?

  3. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I offer Amed for Didi

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Yankees say no. Mets probably do as well much like how they did when they continuously passed on trading for Didi years ago b

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        They could not get creative enough or they were already excited about Amed and gave up too soon.

        What about Az, did they do well with what they got in that deal?

  4. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I offer Cespedes, Lagares, Matz and Sewald for Didi….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Not going to happen

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Maybe two years ago the Yankees would take the deal?

  5. Gothamist says:

    Nay, if I had the core, a core of players who are capable of beating the best of any team in the playoffs or WS I would consider it.

    THE METS HAVE ONLY 2-3 players that would play on the rosters of LA, Cleveland, Cubs, Nats and especially the Yankees.

    Why trade for Lebron if I were the Knicks?
    No chance of winning the title!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Considering the rosters of those teams, that’s actually saying something positive about the Mets core.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        How many men on the forty man roster are WS roster calibre?


  6. Gothamist says:

    Yet, whet the appetite of Jeff Wilpon, offer controllable players that fill the seats. He does not care about those core players…

  7. Gothamist says:

    By the way,…

    I love Juanny but the only thing consistent is his defense, his speed and his injuries.

    Matz can be a diamond in the rough and why not now?!

    Sewald has no ability to hit 94 and so far does not have an unhittable off speed pitch.

    Now, he projects to eat innings, to be durable, to be grounded, mature, a role model and now he projects to be a journeyman once he commands a higher salary.

    that is today….

    Cespedes feeds off confidence, emotion but he needs to hit pitching from the bottom feeders teams to achieve that…

    I do not see him able to handle the pressure of this contract…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Cespedes can handle the pressure of the contract. What he can’t handle is pressure in his legs.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Then why did he in his first year of five / $110m change his tune in three months and opt out about finishing his career as a Met?


  8. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Dude, be careful w the Jeff Wilpon stuff.

    He is not so different than James Dolan or Trump..
    Not the same but he does not take criticism well.

    You get on his shit list you are in that Mets database, forever!

    THEY OWN 67%…

    People get screwed forever…

  9. Gothamist says:

    Now you tell me!!!!!

  10. Gothamist says:

    What about Metsdaddy, do you think he is knwn to Wilpon?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I highly doubt he knows me. I’m not a gamer he can’t recruit for his e-Sports team.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        You are a gem of a writer!
        Like a photographer who takes a boring, cluttered city vuew and creates a artistic enchanting photo!
        How could the Wilpons or Katz’s appreciate you.
        You reek of professionalism and excellence!

        Whatever they reek of, it is not my what Iike.

  11. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I saw three times when they did not like his post they sent a proxy to abuse MetsDaddy…

    They, watch, read, react and attack!

    Watch out for Jeff Wilpon!!!!

  12. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Yepp, Didi just did two things Cespedes will never do…

  13. Gothamist says:

    How did they not have the player Arizona wanted.
    Didi would have been on the Mets World Series team!

  14. Gothamist says:

    We could have possibly kept Fulmer and Cessa

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets should have kept Fulmer

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        I completely agree with you that they should not have traded him.

  15. Gothamist says:

    Yepp, $50 million in salary for a left fielder in 2016 2017.

  16. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Yep,I bet that $50m on a leftfielder would have resulted in him starting and PHing in more than 215 games in two years.

    Hey, be careful on Cespedes.
    Metsdaddy’s cute son loves him….

    Cognitive dissonance is very resistant…..

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Cespedes is a good player, but he’s an injury prone one that wilts against good pitching.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        I agree with you Metsdaddy

  17. Gothamist says:

    How would you know if the leftfielder knew (or the training staff asked) if he knew about that eight glasses of eight ounces of water daily?

  18. Gothamist says:

    They knew he smokes cigarettes, and between innings, he has had muscle pulls annually which smoking exasperates yet it took them almost TWO YEARS AFTER HE WAS ACQUIRED THAT HE DOES HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT HYDRATION!

  19. Five Tool Ownership says:

    That may be a reason they canned Ray Ramirez.

  20. Gothamist says:

    I thought they micromanage everyone?

  21. Five Tool Ownership says:

    The whole thing smells like bad karma…

  22. Gothamist says:

    Is it true that he asked that SF/Oakland reporter (he is frightened of the NY beat writers to speak English?) to put in a good word with Billy Beane?

  23. Gothamist says:

    Well there was two weeks last year where the scientists from social media said that the Mets were finally number one in New York City.

  24. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Well, since 1994, two weeks is better than never!


  25. Gothamist says:

    It was not Cashman alone, Randy Levine is the epitome of a great MLB franchise President!

  26. Five Tool Ownership says:

    What about the second generation Steinbrenner kids!
    Isn’t Hal Steinbrenner the COO?!

  27. Gothamist says:

    Hey the YANKEE AAA team was 30 games over .500
    The Mets AAA team 30 games under .500.
    They doubled the Mets in SBs on the AAA level…

    Check out Caleb Smith…

    I AM SO DEPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I bet they never resigned a guy who smoked a pack a day!

  29. Gothamist says:

    I hope that a great managerial candidate does not stay away from the Mets because Cespedes is the next Rick Rhoden… or because he smokes cigarettes, or he does not hit clutch, or that he sucks up all the available salary dollars?

  30. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I am so depressed.
    I need to think positively……

  31. Gothamist says:

    We will get them next year!!!
    Watch out for the Metsies!!!!

  32. Five Tool Ownership says:

    The BABY METS are going all the way!

  33. Five Tool Ownership says:

    I got news for you…

    FRED WILPON lives in the 1940s.
    He grew up in a bucolic home watching the underdog Dodgers.
    Jackie of course came in 47.
    They won only once in 55.
    The Mets twice…

    Fred Wilpon loves sentiment and nostalgia
    Citifield is not built to be in the same league as the big market teams.
    If he was not happy with one win in decades would he rebuild the 1940s Ebbetts facsimile?

    Citifield is a shrine to growing up in Brooklyn where winning is not the only thing.

    (There was no draft in 1955, the teams bid for the amateurs and then it was a form of slavery. Horace Stoneham and Walter o’Malley needed stadiums to bid on these players, players for radio and TV was less important but they saw the writing on the wall….. Robert Moses had not even a freakin clue!)

    Yes, the Yankees have as much payroll flexibility as the Mets have payroll!

    1. Gothamist says:

      Citifield is blown up version of the Hall of Fame adjunct wing of the museum plus a great place to watch baseball.

      The Mets figured out that they did no due diligence on making it a dining destination and now they will far surpass the dinning options of Yankee Stadium.

      These restaurants outside of the stadium will have their food delivered underground to the Met customers in their seats.


  34. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Yepp, that is the plan….

    Plus the Yankee fans are so many from Manhattan, petite, shorty, too skinny, how much can they spend on food in one game? That is why in those $1,000 seat sections it is eat all you want. They can not eat that much.

    The Met fans can eat so much more!

    Must walk around the rotunda!!!

    Those Restaurants will do wonders for attendance!

    1. Gothamist says:

      I will go for the food.
      If they are in second place or last…

      I want a destination for food!
      That comes first…

  35. Five Tool Ownership says:

    You will get the food, sentiment and nostalgia!
    and a museum thrown in for no charge!

  36. Gothamist says:

    Didi a Met!!!!

    So how did the Yankees pay so little?
    They did a three way deal and the Chump was Boston’s Dumbroski!


    “With the signing of Michael Cuddyer yesterday, the Mets have addressed their outfield need and now are zeroing in on an upgrade at shortstop.

    Per ESPN New York, Sandy Alderson is actively exploring his options elsewhere—with the Diamondbacks (Chris Owings/Didi Gregorius), the Mariners (Brad Miller), the White Sox (Alexei Ramirez), and the Cubs (Starlin Castro) as potential trade partners.

    Mets’ Having stockpiled young talent in the minors the past few years, the Mets have put themselves in a position where they could utilize the depth in their farm system to address needs at the major league level via trades. At this point, it’s worth trading for a major league shortstop to make the 2015 team at least a couple of wins better.


    1. Five Tool Ownership it is not! says:

      Arizona knew that the only prospect with mid term returns would be Syndergaard or possibly Fulmer…

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