When There’s No Baseball To Enjoy, Enjoy Citi Field

Since Citi Field opened, I’ve been to a countless number of games. It’s fewer than the games I’ve attended at Shea, but still I’ve attended many games at Citi. Tonight, I made the conscious decision to enjoy the park.

Honestly, I made that decision based for two different reasons. The first was the lineup was Nori AokiJose ReyesAsdrubal Cabrera. Once again, that lineup signals the Mets have completely lost focus on their primary objective, which is to develop and find out about their young players. 

The second was when I entered Citi Field with my son, and he was interviewed by SNY:

From, there it was the usual pre-game routine with him. First, it was the baseball:

Then, it was a visit with Mr. & Mrs. Met

After that, I made it to the starts because I wasn’t going to miss Noah Syndergaard‘s first “start” off the Disabled List. 

It was a glorious return with him hitting 99 MPH on the gun while facing the minimum. Once Daniel Murphy grounded into an inning ending 6-4-3 double play, Syndergaard’s night was over. 

He looked great, and he left the game without issue. It was certainly a highlight.

 From there, the Mets went to Matt Harvey. It was Harvey’s first career relief appearance even if he was really the scheduled starter. 

In Harvey’s first inning of work, he looked like the Harvey of old. The velocity was there. The slider was moving. It was great to watch, but knowing how he’s pitched this year, I knew it was fleeting, so it was time to re-embark and walk around the ballpark starting with the dunk tank 

Going across the Shea Bridge, right above the Home Run Apple’s old location, I spotted something new 

Of course, that made him want a snack, so we continued our tour around the ballpark. 

Before grabbing his snack, we settled on popcorn in a helmet. 

By the way, I’ve found the helmets with the popcorn and nachos to be the best bang for the buck. They’re full of 

After watching a few innings, we ventured back out because he wanted an Amed Rosario shirsey. Even though Yoenis Cespedes is his favorite player, he reminded me he already has a Cespedes shirt. Because I was swept up in the moment, and I had a coupon, I got swept up in the moment 

Rosario shirsey in tow, my son not only wanted to play baseball again, but he was feeling a bit cocky:

By the way, I really appreciate the giant screen in CF that lets parents run around with their kids and still watch the game. By far, this is the most underrated part of Citi Field. 

We were in our seats for the next few innings including the seventh inning stretch. With all the running around and with it being well past my son’s bedtime, he only made it through the ninth. 

He was drifting, and I thought it cruel to have him awoken by fireworks. As I entered the car, I did hear the fireworks start. Unfortunately, it was in the form of a Murphy 10 inning game winning off Jacob Rhame

Overall, I really appreciated going around the park with my son. Citi Field really is a great place to take a kid to a game. It would be even better with a better team or with an organization that cared about developing their young players in times like these. 

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  1. Julian says:

    Thanks for sharing this, looks like guys had a great time. I’ve actually never been to the new Yankee Stadium since it opened in 2009. I’ve heard that Citi Field is much more family-oriented, but I’m curious about what others think about how Yankee Stadium compares with Citi Field in terms of stuff for kids to do?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I don’t know because I haven’t taken my son there

  2. Julian says:

    Thanks for sharing this, looks like you guys had a great time. I’ve actually never been to the new Yankee Stadium since it opened in 2009. I’ve heard that Citi Field is much more family-oriented, but I’m curious about what others think about how Yankee Stadium compares with Citi Field in terms of stuff for kids to do?

  3. Gothamist says:

    Looks like you had a great ol time!
    SNY and MR MET, you are VIPs!

  4. Gothamist says:

    Btw, sone friends from California saw the Met mini helmuts used for sundaes in section 114 seat service and were shocked after the game how it seemed no one took theirs home. (Messy trip to boot?)

    These helmuts were huge and they called the next day and Citifield staff said these are not recycled.

    So those guys started a viral campaign saying do not buy tickets to games denouncing the Mets for only recycling nickel recoveries and virtually nothing else.

    I do not know of other items that are plastic?

    We took two guests last night.
    I left the three of them after the second inning.
    I was not going to wait three hours for fireworks!
    The new netting blocking the seats in 128 was certainly no help in keeping my eyes on the game.

    As I walked to the rotunda I saw Harvey walk the lead off batter in the third and prayed that last night that his WHIP would be under 2.00 and that he would strike out at least two.

    Give TC credit, he pitched Rhames and Callahan.
    I hope Rhames can be fixed!

    I watch the scoreboard daily on the net for worst records for 2018 draft positioning (including NYG)

    Cincinnati is neck and neck with the Metsies for the better draft pick and Philly conceivable can even catch the Mets!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      First I heard about anyone protesting the plastic helmets. I have to say I keep them all.

      In fact, I went to the Promenade to get the HR Apple ice cream cup.

      1. Gothamist says:

        The people in the Bay area and Boulder have Sh*tfits over this stuff.

        Personally I recycle then in Manhattan eat in a Flat Iron District southern chicken place and then I see the huge plastic take out containers served for eat in and then dumped in the trash and I say, why bother?

        They now say that by 2090 we are headed into mass extinction. That it will take millions of years to regenerate life… That we have one last chance.

        Trump says it is an Asian hoax, maybe we should trust him?

        We can not do it alone, so let us enjoy the now!

        I personally would offer the souvenir helmet to those sitting in section 114
        Though I can see how they prefer to serve in those…

        It looks great and does not leak or topple over….

  5. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Watching those fielding gems by the Cubs this week I really hope the Msts draft some fantastic athletes to field and hit in 2018 and beyond.

    How does Theo Epstein put together a 40 man roster as he has?!

    Catcher, 2nd, SS etc…

    Who were the top three picks Theo drafted and who were not?
    Forget Lester, Lachey, Zobrist and Heyward, what about the non FA acquisitions?

    I wish I had the team in Chicago or even Atlanta, Miami or the Brewers to buy tickets to see in 2018…

    Maybe the Mets will draft a college senior stud who starts in 2018 by July?!

    Theo definitely is a Five Tool …… President of Operations!!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The highest draft pick the Mets ever had was Conforto, which was an amazing pick. This pick will be even higher.

      1. Five Tool Ownership says:

        Conforto was in the WS in 15 months?

        So 2019; to the WS?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I’ll take it

  6. Gothamist says:

    The next few years Citifield will be mostly for families, teens, moms, fathers and sons….

    Try the NHL teams in the tristate area ….
    Playoffs are a higher probability…..
    Or the Baby Bombers…..

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Once the baseball season is over, it’s always Rangers season in my household.

  7. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Fathers and sons!

  8. Gothamist says:

    I see here the joy this father and son have every time they go to Citifield…

    Was Cespedes out there sprinting before the game, stretching?

    1. Five Tool Ownership says:

      I think Cespedes cleaned out his life cker lng before Labor Day. I hear he buys pedigree blue ribbon winning hogs at county fairs. I also hear he has lots of farm land in St Lucie county.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        All of those things are true

  9. Five Tool Ownership says:

    Cleaned out his locker before Labor Day. (Correction)

  10. Gothamist says:

    He probable has been so preoccupied with all these hurricanes for weeks.

    If Cespedes even knows that Harvey is back I would be surprised….

    I hear Cuba got hit hard from Irma, he probably brought suitcases of cash to Havana to help!

    I hear there are big time sewage issues in Florida.
    It is big headaches running these huge estates…
    He has enough stress let him be until March…

    1. Five Tool Ownership says:

      Someone said he works out at Citifield everyday and his chef cooks there still, three years running…

      1. Gothamist says:

        Yeah right!

        Cespedes, in NY since mid August?!


        The Mets will beat the White Sox in the 2017 World Series!!!!!

  11. Five Tool Ownership says:

    The White Sox are loaded with Red Sox prospects.
    It may be White Sox beat the Mets in the WS….

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