Trivia Friday – Who’s Left From The 2017 Mets Opening Day Roster

This year, we have seen the Mets trade Lucas Duda, Curtis Granderson, Neil Walker, and Jay Bruce.  The team let Rene Rivera go to the Cubs on a waiver claim.  

On top of that, the team has seen player after player find themselves on the disabled list.  Most depressing of all was Conforto yesterday.  

It makes you question who is still around from the Opening Day roster.  Can you name the 10 players who were on the Opening Day roster that are still active on this team?  Good luck!

Travis d’Arnaud Wilmer Flores Asdrubal Cabrera Yoenis Cespedes Michael Conforto Jacob deGrom Robert Gsellman Jerry Blevins Rafael Montero Hansel Robles Josh Smoker

4 thoughts on “Trivia Friday – Who’s Left From The 2017 Mets Opening Day Roster”

  1. Gothamist says:

    If John Harper’s NYDL editorial on 8/24 was not a bummer… it gets far worse.

    Read that again and add this.

    Check out the MLB bstting leaders, newspaper style or WAR, whatever.

    I see as 70% or greater of them playing with their original team.
    Look at the average age of the leaders
    Look at the recent FA batters changing teams and the ages at the contract signing.
    Look at the Met’s history on FAs.
    Look how if they pay $40 a year for Trout or Harper of how it HAS NOT BEEN ENOUGH yet with these players. Trout snd more so Harper
    are just getting older where at year three of Harper’s FA contract he will be how old?

    Of the 70% of NL batting leaders in the thirty percent, the three out of ten one is this kid from Seattle on LA (maybe a one year wonder?) and the other two are Met castoffs.

    Well the Mets can hit rock bottom draft a Strasberg and a Harper consecutively- they can draft over six years and develop a lineup or get to the top third of a system like Boston or they can pray for 2018-2020.

    I am not praying for the Wilpons or Saul Katz (President).

    2018 will be at best a remake of 1973.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Sorry, I don’t read the Wilpon’s paper of record

  2. Gothamist says:

    Gee, I am sorry also….
    So, so, so sorry being a Met fan!

    I started w M Donald Grant. I am conditioned for this owner induced mess.

    What about others who started as a Met fan with Doubleday after 1980? (1980-2001)

    They want to go forty years with no ring?
    Their business….

    I am sorry….

    Well thanks John Harper – You saw what I saw this spring…
    Thanks John for the Validation…

    Well not 40 years yet, just 31 years…

    The Knicks at 44 years … but at least the owner is a greater marketer and revenue builder….


    So so so sorry…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Again, I refuse to read the New York Daily News. It is the Wilpon paper of record that actually published an article questioning if Mets fans were racist for booing Luis Castillo.

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